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A tale of reality

Summer is here. That means baseball, hot dogs, swimming pools and, of course, reality television.

I will admit that I am an addict. Some of my favorite shows are reality shows, and I can sit and watch just about any of them without getting bored. I love summer because all of the networks fill their prime time spots with reality shows instead of re-runs.

Here are the ones I find myself flipping to (in no particular order):

Wipeout - I dare you to try watching this without laughing. For some reason, people falling down never gets old.

Ice Road Truckers - Alas, my husband got me addicted to this show. The use of too much stock footage drives me crazy sometimes, but their job is so fascinating.

The Biggest Loser - These people are so inspiring. If Jillian Michaels got in my face like that every day, I'd quit. It is kind of difficult to watch it while eating a bowl of ice cream though...

Amazing Race - If I were going to be on a reality show, this would be it. Race around the world for money…

My "luv"/hate relationship with the cell phone

Let me set this up for you. I am a 23-year-old who is pretty up to date with technology. I have had a cell phone since I was a junior in high school, and I have never paid for a land line. My cell is with me at all times. I am always "connected," and I feel lost without being able to flip the phone open any where to call my family and friends.

The emphasis in that last sentence is on the word 'call.' That's right, I don't text. It's not like I can't, it's just that I choose not to. I will send the occassional reply out of obligation, but I truly despise it.

Excuse me while I get on my soapbox, but I feel like texting is ruining the way we communicate. I am all for utilizing technology, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Obviously I am a fan of written communication. But "i luv u, pls visit me asap. lol. u r my bff" just doesn't do much for me.

It just feels so ... impersonal. I mean, when I want to check in on my college friend in I…

A tale from my garage

So even though I've only been married since October, my husband and I have acquired a lot of junk, I mean, treasures.

While I would love to keep everything, our apartment only has so much storage, and I only have so much sanity.

So I set out on a new voyage last weekend and held a garage sale as part of Edon's Village-wide sales. I didn't want to embark on this adventure by myself, so I allowed some family members to bring over their treasures to sell as well.

I thought I was well-prepared. My husband cleaned out the garage, I got an ad in the Bryan Times (along with complimentary signs and balloons) and I took a day off work to sell my bargains.

The weekend rolled around and chaos ensued. Price tags were missing, we didn't have enough tables, I knocked over some furniture that had to be repaired and, of course, some friends and family decided to stop by and chat unexpectedly.

With the help of my parents, my in-laws and a lot of coffee, it all worked out though. A lot of pe…

Sweet (Busy) Summertime

I don't know how it happens, but each summer seems to get busier and busier. I always though that it would die down when I finished high school and I didn't have softball games, open gyms and camps, but I was wrong.

Work always keeps me busy during the week now (welcome to the real world, Tami), but my weekends already seem jam packed until September, and then the fair hits (and I'll be even more busy!).

Don't get me wrong, all of the things we have scheduled so far are fun: visiting family, going to a concert, traveling for a friend's wedding and possibly making a family trip to Cedar Point. But I just feel like there is no time left to enjoy summer. Then again, maybe the plans and travel is what I enjoy about summer.

So what do you think? Is summer the time for relaxing or making plans?