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A tale of reality

Summer is here. That means baseball, hot dogs, swimming pools and, of course, reality television.

I will admit that I am an addict. Some of my favorite shows are reality shows, and I can sit and watch just about any of them without getting bored. I love summer because all of the networks fill their prime time spots with reality shows instead of re-runs.

Here are the ones I find myself flipping to (in no particular order):

Wipeout - I dare you to try watching this without laughing. For some reason, people falling down never gets old.

Ice Road Truckers - Alas, my husband got me addicted to this show. The use of too much stock footage drives me crazy sometimes, but their job is so fascinating.

The Biggest Loser - These people are so inspiring. If Jillian Michaels got in my face like that every day, I'd quit. It is kind of difficult to watch it while eating a bowl of ice cream though...

Amazing Race - If I were going to be on a reality show, this would be it. Race around the world for money? Who wouldn't? The only reason I have never applied is because I don't have a partner. Let me know if you're interested.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Yes, I watch it. I have loved it since they started. I won't give my feelings on their recent personal problems. However, all of this focus on their marriage during the show makes me want to turn it off sometimes. I hope the show can bounce back, but there's no telling what will happen now.

The Hills - I hate to admit that I watch it, but it's a guilty pleasure. It's almost nostalgic for me because I used to watch it with my roommate in college. Now that Lauren's gone, I hope I can make myself stop watching.

There are just too many more to name them all - Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Project Runway, Kendra, Run's House, Dancing with the Stars, Can You Duet - I could go on and on.

So what do you think about reality TV? Are you addicted like me or does it drive you nuts? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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