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This isn't working...

Ok, so maybe this experiment was a bad idea. For the first couple of days, I kept forgetting to stop by the bank/ATM for some cash. I had no choice but to use the cards. Then once I finally remembered to get some money, I totally forgot that I had it.

I used a few bucks the other night, but the rest I gave to my husband. He at least uses it.

Ok, experiment FAIL. If you've got a good idea on how to kick the plastic, let me know. Until then, I will be signing the bottom line each time I visit a store.

Edit to add: You know you have a problem when you have to whip out the debit card just to pay for a last-minute (and much needed by the way) Diet Pepsi in the morning. I think Mitch was giving me the side eye, but hey, I paid! :)

I live in a world of plastic

I never have cash. Like, ever.

It's not that I don't have any money (well, that's debatable sometimes I guess). It's just that I live in a world of plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic (had to get that Mean Girls reference in somewhere).

My mom helped me start a checking account when I was still in high school. Her name was on the account as well so she could "supervise" and help me start good money habits. I was so glad she did this, because when I went off to college, half of my friends couldn't even write a check properly. (So thanks mom!)

When I started a new account in Bowling Green, they had this handy-dandy free debit card that they mailed me. I figured I would only use it every once in a while, but pretty soon it became my world. I didn't want to waste cash when I went grocery shopping or out to eat, so I just swiped and swiped. Pretty soon, I didn't have a use for cash anymore. It was just so darn convenient to whip out the card.

Then my mom be…

Still learning about Blogger

Oops! I've been encouraging people to comment, and I didn't even see that I had two comments from a few weeks ago that I just hadn't approved.

Sorry for the delay, I'm still learning how to use Blogger and its features. From now on I know how to check for approvals right away. Thanks for reading!

A tale of summers past

Thursday's edition of The Bryan Times offers a new look at a local summertime classic: Cedar Point.

To answer your question, yes, I got to go to Cedar Point for free for a day, but no, I didn't play around the whole time (unfortunately). I spent some time with our photographer Jen looking for ways to make a cheap trip even cheaper, along with getting some great photos for our page.

Walking around brought back all kinds of memories for me. As a kid, we went to Cedar Point every.single.summer. Over the Fourth of July, to be exact. From the time I was 9 until just a few years ago, each summer we knew we could count on lots of coasters, swimming and even fireworks on the beach.

When we were old enough, my friend Amanda and I roamed the park together, running to get in line for the next big ride. We knew each curve and hill so well and nothing kept us from the front seat - except maybe the longer wait. We had so much fun on the beach of Lake Erie too. And when we got tired, we could w…