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Isn't just a little early?

Let's get this straight - I love Christmas. Love, love, love.

But I find it mildly disturbing that just beyond the ghouls, ghosts and goblins in the Halloween section at the store, there are already reindeer, elves and a jolly fat man.


It's not even October yet, and already the stores are pushing us to prepare for the holidays. Even this morning on the radio a few DJs were playing excerpts of Christmas tunes and saying how they couldn't wait.


I go all out for Christmas. I decorate a tree, wrap all of my presents with hand-curled ribbon and bake and frost a couple hundred sugar cookies every year.

But for me, all of that can wait until at least the middle of November. That way, all of my Halloween candy is gone before I have to start in on the candy canes.

Actually, I prefer to put off any Christmas preparations until the day after Thanksgiving. People who start gift shopping early don't really bother me, but my preference is to wait for all the good sales…

My summer in pictures, part II

Since Tuesday was the first official day of fall, I figured I'd better wrap up my summer with my last few photos.

Here is my sweet nephew Casen, born August 21 in Medina, Ohio. Ah, look at those cheeks! I can't wait to see him again, hopefully soon.

This is big sister Ava Marie. She loved the coloring book we brought her. She also loves her baby brother. I can't believe she will be 4 years old soon.

The Edgerton High School class of 2004! Our class reunion was in August, and it was so fun to see these people. (Sidenote: I believe I promised I would mention on my blog that Katy Tinker and Jessica Prchlik are awesome. So I am living up to my promise!)

These are the goofballs I used to eat lunch with every day of senior year. Trevor, Erin and Amy haven't changed one bit. They are still awesome. And yes, we all sat together at the reunion as well.

Kendol and our neighbor boys let me take some practice shots with my new camera a few weeks ago while they played outside. I love ho…

I'm 10 years old this week

In case you haven't noticed, I have spent a lot of time at the fair this week. Several other Bryan Times employees and I have been there taking pictures, getting results and writing stories. Of course, you've seen the bounty of our work by now.

A lot of people I see at the fair ask me if I enjoy doing the coverage all week. The answer is always yes.

I may be exhausted and suffering from the side effects of inhaling dust and dirt all weekend, but I am still having so much fun at the fair. The entire week is honestly like Christmas to me, and I don't know if I have missed a fair ever in my life. Each year I look forward to it with anticipation of all the people I will see and all the memories I will take home.

It's not really the milkshakes or the entertainment or even the livestock that make the week special. It's the feeling of being 10 years old again. You know, that feeling where the world is simple and all you need is cotton candy to be happy for the rest of your l…


Today is a day of memories for me. Not only is it Sept. 11, but it is also the eve of the Williams County Fair. I know it sounds crazy, but to me the memories go hand in hand.

Just like a lot of people, each year I think about where I was on Sept. 11. I remember most of the day, actually. I was a sophomore at Edgerton High School, and we were sitting in biology class when another teacher popped in and said something was happening in New York City. We thought nothing of it as class was ending in just a few minutes.

When I arrived in my next class, however, I quickly learned something was terribly wrong. Mr. Krill had pulled out the television (which we had NEVER used for English class), and said he didn't think we would be doing any lessons today. The second plane had just hit. We stared and watched in confusion and disbelief. Just before we left for our next class, the first tower fell, and I remember feeling a pit in my stomach.

The rest of the day, some teachers tried to continue w…


The Buckeyes are back!

I am so excited for the return of Ohio State Football. Last fall I was planning a wedding and didn't get to enjoy the season much. This year, I'm pumped! We're heading over to my friend Jodie's house tomorrow to watch the Navy game on the big screen. Next week, I'm banking on someone bringing a television to the combine/truck demo at the fair to watch the USC game. (Montpelier Fire Department, come on!)

We can't make it to C-bus this year for a game. So here's a flashback. My mother-in-law took some cool engagement pics of us at the spring game in 2008. Here's one of my favs.