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I'm 10 years old this week

In case you haven't noticed, I have spent a lot of time at the fair this week. Several other Bryan Times employees and I have been there taking pictures, getting results and writing stories. Of course, you've seen the bounty of our work by now.

A lot of people I see at the fair ask me if I enjoy doing the coverage all week. The answer is always yes.

I may be exhausted and suffering from the side effects of inhaling dust and dirt all weekend, but I am still having so much fun at the fair. The entire week is honestly like Christmas to me, and I don't know if I have missed a fair ever in my life. Each year I look forward to it with anticipation of all the people I will see and all the memories I will take home.

It's not really the milkshakes or the entertainment or even the livestock that make the week special. It's the feeling of being 10 years old again. You know, that feeling where the world is simple and all you need is cotton candy to be happy for the rest of your life.

That 10-year-old in me comes out at different times throughout the fair. The other day for example, a first-year exhibitor in one of the shows I covered was the only one in his class. He took home first place, along with a trophy and several ribbons. When we took the winners photo, he was the first one in the picture area, poised and proud to have done so well with his project.

"Look at all the stuff I won!" he told me. I congratulated him and couldn't help but grin as my heart melted. That 10-year-old in me knew exactly how he felt.

I was an 11-year member of 4-H and showed goats, pigs and even a hamster once at the fair. In my first years, I hardly knew what was going on in the show arena. My dad would hand me whichever animal I was supposed to take, and I followed the other kids into the ring. If I got a blue ribbon in the end, I was so happy. If I got a big ribbon, I was ecstatic, and if I got a out world, I was having the best day of my life!

So even though I'm tired, and all I really want to do is crawl in bed and let my sinuses rest, I keep heading back to the fairgrounds. Not just because it's my job, but because I love that feeling of being 10 years old again. And of course, I want all the 10-year-olds of today to get their smiling faces in the paper all week. After all, it could be the best week of their life!


  1. Hope you find all those 10 year olds at the fair. Everyone needs those good memories of childhood. Another good blog Tami

  2. My mom forwarded me this page on your blog. She said it reminded her of me and she is so right. My best friend Joni and I feel the same way about the fair that you do. The excitement builds all year long until September comes. The fair is one of my best childhood memories and I'm glad you feel the same way too.

  3. Good stuff again, Tami. You're a talented writer.
    You took me back. Makes me miss home. I havn't been to the Williams County Fair for years. But you managed to bring me back. I can hear the sheep getting sheared; the goats belting; the lady's CONSTANT VOICE on the PA making announcements; the "live" goldfish waiting for an ace pingball thrower; and the creepy man always running the balloon/dart game with the ever glorious beer mirrors.
    Thanks for bringing me back. Enjoy your blogs. (Oh---and don't forget about those milkshakes.)

  4. Well Scooter, if you come next year I'll buy you a milkshake. :)


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