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Today is a day of memories for me. Not only is it Sept. 11, but it is also the eve of the Williams County Fair. I know it sounds crazy, but to me the memories go hand in hand.

Just like a lot of people, each year I think about where I was on Sept. 11. I remember most of the day, actually. I was a sophomore at Edgerton High School, and we were sitting in biology class when another teacher popped in and said something was happening in New York City. We thought nothing of it as class was ending in just a few minutes.

When I arrived in my next class, however, I quickly learned something was terribly wrong. Mr. Krill had pulled out the television (which we had NEVER used for English class), and said he didn't think we would be doing any lessons today. The second plane had just hit. We stared and watched in confusion and disbelief. Just before we left for our next class, the first tower fell, and I remember feeling a pit in my stomach.

The rest of the day, some teachers tried to continue with their plans, but a television would still be on in the corner, and eyes would glance occassionally when breaking news or big announcements came across. By the afternoon, all after-school activities had been cancelled. Looking back, I don't know if that was done out of respect of fear. Either way, I was relieved.

And this is where the fair comes in. Since my volleyball match that evening was cancelled, I went with my parents to the fair to take care of my hogs. I remember people walking around, sort of looking like zombies. I had never seen so many somber faces at the fair in my life. The fair has always had a million great memories for me, but that day was not one of them. People talked in hushed tones of the day's events, and radios with the newscast were on in almost every barn. There was both fear and reverence in the air.

When we drove home that night, dad had to stop and get gas, but there was a line for the stations several blocks long. Some people were panicking, stocking up in case of another attack. The last thing I remember that day is sitting in the back of the truck on the way home. A station played a tribute song for NYC, and I silently cried.

It's strangely calming to me that Sept. 11 this year falls outside of the fair. It gives me time to reflect and remember before the week's events begin.

Even though my memories of Sept. 11 at the fair are somber, they only encourage me. They remind me to be thankful that we have the freedom to have a fair. That I can walk around filling up on milkshakes and sausage sandwiches and excitement without fear. It gives me gratitude to live in place where we can still celebrate life, even when so many lives were lost. We still have a place to go to forget our troubles, even though at times it seems the world is trying to crash down around us.

Maybe when I'm driving home tonight, I'll still shed some tears for events of Sept. 11. But those tears will not be in angst. They will be in gratitude and remembrance.


  1. Neat weaving of your memories on a very important day.
    neat blog.
    Tell you mom that my daughter Katie is a longaberger consultant and there may be a bus trip there Nov. 7

    Would love to see your blog have an email sign up sheet so I know when you post updates.

  2. Nice blog Tami, you should have printed that in the newspaper

  3. Thank you.

    Jean, I am still learning about blogger...I'm not sure if you just have to become a follower to get updates...I'll look into it though.

  4. Yes. You should've had in the paper. I'm proud of you.


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