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Merry Christmas

Adding to the collection

So the Buckeye Christmas collection is still growing. We had my family Christmas on Sunday, and my mom got us a tree skirt ... that matches our OSU stockings! Seriously, we love it, and it looks perfect with our tree.

I didn't take a picture yet, but trust me, it's adorable.

I just find it funny that mom gave it to us right after I posted my blog — so did she! However, it was already planned because she had a cousin make it for us.

So not only do we have another cute piece of OSU Christmas decor, it's unique!

Buckeyes and Barbies

This week I officially finished my Christmas decorating (with only two weeks to go!). I decided to take some pictures to post here and show off my mad styling skills, when I noticed something about our house.

Despite the fact that he didn't lift a finger to help me decorate, and he could care less if we even had a Christmas tree, it appears my husband has somehow influenced the majority of our decor. Not that I think it's a bad thing, but apparently a Buckeye theme has overtaken our house.

For example, Buckeye Santa and Snowgirl:

OSU Stockings (Hung by the TV since we don't have a fireplace) — Notice the football figurines in the background? I think there's a pattern here.

Our jingle bell wreath is invites OSU fans:

Even the main event, our Christmas tree, is decked out in Scarlet and Grey:

And here it is all glowy-looking:

I do have a few holiday items that are not OSU-themed. Check out the awesome Christmas village I received last year from my Secret Santa (aka Sharon). My …

Let it snow!

The weather outside is, well, it's finally winter, and I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore.

It used to be that snow was my favorite thing in the entire world. C'mon, snow used to mean no school, sledding down the awesome hill in our backyard, building a snowman and ending the day with hot cocoa by the fireplace. Snow was great, snow was magical.

My relationship with snow hasn't been so simple as I've gotten older. Now snow means bad driving conditions, a higher gas bill and having to go to work no matter what the weather looks like (guess I should have re-thought the idea of being a teacher, huh?).

Even with all of that not-so-fun stuff that snow brings, a part of me still gets giddy when the world gets covered in a blanket of white fluff. Seriously, sometimes snow is just breathtaking, and I forget how annoying it can be, even if it's just for a minute.

So for now, I think I'll just enjoy the snow. It would be nice to have another white Christmas after al…