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Telling my 4-H Story

Knowing my involvement and passion for 4-H, Bryan Times Publisher Chris Cullis asked me to write a column with my story. It appears on the opinion page of today's paper. But for my blog friends, here's a free read:

I was involved in everything when I was in school — volleyball, basketball, softball, band, Girl Scouts, student council, National Honor Society, yearbook — the list could go on an on.

All of those activities, sports and clubs had an impact on my life. For each I am grateful, as I wouldn’t be who I am today without those experiences.

However, I’ve come to realize there is one activity, one organization, which touched my life in every way possible: 4-H.

I was technically a member for only 11 years, but I followed my older brother and sister to meetings and fairs from the time I was a toddler. We all started out by showing our dad’s angora goats at the fair, but it bloomed into rabbits, sheep, hogs, hamsters, woodworking, cooking, bicycles and more.

Yes, we were lucky we h…

A preview/excuse list

I'm afraid this blog will be neglected in the coming weeks, but for some good reasons, I believe.

Here's just few things coming up:
Report on the Ag Resources Workshop at Northwest StateA look at student publications in local high schoolsA column on my own 4-H story (look for it this Thursday!)
Personality Profile on a busy Edon manFeature on "Senior Slump" and how schools deal with the days before graduationFeature on getting ready for your grad's celebrationAnother Personality Profile that I'm still looking for suggestions on (any nominations?)
My 24th birthday, somewhere in the middle of everything (hopefully with a nice margarita)And of course, all the daily tasks/excitement of putting out a newspaper
Looking even more in the future, we'll have the month of May packed with special issues. I'm working on our annual Ag Review and Graduation issues, which will be published in back-to-back weeks. Yikes!

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon. If not, a…

Because I had a camera with me

Can you even guess what this is?

It's the bathroom handle at the USDA building. No really, I took a picture of a bathroom handle.

The skinny piece on top is the handle you are supposed to pull, and it has a thin film of plastic on it. After you pull it to head out of the bathroom, the plastic gets, like, sucked inside, and new plastic rolls out over the handle.

I know some people are big on not touching bathroom handles, but this takes things to a whole new level of crazy for me. Paper towels are easier to use and don't need instructions in English and Spanish.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a giant waste of money?

As promised: Photos from DC

In case you didn't know what it's like to interview a Senator — or if you didn't know what Sen. Voinovich looks like.

The U.S. Capitol on a warm and sunny day.

The new (well, new to me) visitor's center under the Capitol.

The sun shines in from two atriums in the visitors center. Makes for a cool looking picture, I think.

The Vietnam Memorial is tough to photograph at night, but still very moving.

The little round lights are the ones that line the Vietnam memorial. I love this photo because it looks like they are lighting the way to the Washington monument.

I don't really know why, but Abe may be my favorite. I've seen him four times now, and something about his memorial calms me every time.

This is a view of the Washington monument from the WWII memorial. We were very lucky that the water was running that day, and it was stunning.

Here is the field of stars on the west side of the WWII memorial. They represent the lives lost in war, reflected in a pool of still water …

A preview

I want to post a few photos for you, but I also want to get some much-needed (and I think deserved) sleep. Here's a preview to tide you over.

And no, the president was not home. Darn.

IOU One Blog

So the plan was to give you some more photos of my tour in D.C. and discuss some things I've accomplished in the past 48 hours.

But ... I'm extremely tired and could barely keep my eyes pried open to write my story tonight. So just be sure to check out The Signal and The Times tomorrow! I'll try to get back to the blog tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest.

Until then.

In flight

So in case you didn't remember, I took off to Washington, D.C., this morning to cover the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's Presidents Trip. I'm psyched about the chance to see and hear the happenings. In case you forgot, you can follow my happenings over on Twitter. (And no, you don't have to be a member to see my tweets.) I'll also have a great story about the OFBF's work here in tomorrow's Bryan Times (and the Northwest Signal for our Napoleon readers).

But I had to share a little something with you before tomorrow. Remember how I said I had never flown before? Well, today I crossed that off my list. I hopped on a little jet and flew from Cleveland to Baltimore with my group from the OFBF.

The scariest part? SECURITY. Holy cow, those people are intimidating. There weren't really any signs to tell me what to do. I only knew to take off my shoes because the man in front of me did. And then I totally almost got body searched because I forgot to take off my be…

Take a little trip

Well I'm glad I finally got that design problem figured out. I found this awesome template online, and it was pretty easy to personalize. Also, did you see that little orange do-dad and birdie at the top? Now you can subscribe to my blog with RSS feeds or even follow me on Twitter. Not into that just yet? Well I hope you at least have me bookmarked on your computer.

Why should you be keeping tabs on me? Well, I'm leaving on a jet plane Monday destined for Washington, D.C. As a representative for The Bryan Times, I will be traveling on the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's County Presidents Trip. Presidents and other representatives from Farm Bureaus from all over the state will be meeting in our nation's capital to visit with lawmakers, administrators and other leaders and discuss agriculture issues affecting our communities.

It will be a quick trip (I'll return Wednesday), but I'm hoping to have some blog entries, photos and tweets along with way. This, of course, w…


I know, I know. It's been a while.

Life just gets busy sometimes, and The Bryan Times definitely takes up a lot of my life lately.

Anyway, I know I need to get back blogging again, so I decided that with a new year comes a new page design. Except, I'm not very good at designing anything. And I have no idea how to make this page look really cool.

Anyone have suggestions or instructions? I'm at a loss here.

In better news, I'm taking a big trip next week and I plan to blog about it from the road. Check back soon for updates!