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Did you hear?

I'm buying a house tomorrow! I'm buying a house tomorrow! I'm buying a house tomorrow! I'm buying a house tomorrow! I'm buying a house tomorrow! I'm buying a house tomorrow!

Just in case you didn't know. :)

ETA: I am apparently so excited I didn't spell hear right on the first publish. ::headdesk::

The power of stuff

So I have a ton of stuff.

Piles of it.

Boxes full of it.

Drawers ready to explode from it.

Just stuff.

And I'm in the process of packing it all away so we can move.

I guess I never realized just how much stuff we fit inside our apartment until I had to start sorting through all of it. Geez, there is a lot.

After packing for two straight days and looking at the wall of boxes ready to go, I realized two things last night.

First, all of this stuff will remain in the boxes for at least a week, probably more, until I get it all unpacked. If I can live without all of it for a few weeks, what do I really need it for? Maybe I'm more of a material person than I thought. Maybe I have way more stuff than I really need.

But then, I came to my second realization: How boring would my life be without all my stuff?

Sure, I could survive. I know I don't really need five boxes of Christmas decorations, or close to 20 picture frames, or all eight seasons of Full House on DVD. I know that as long as I …

I'll go with mint green

It seems the world is getting greener and greener. The is grass growing and the leaves budding on the trees this time of year, AND people are finding more and more ways to save resources and make less of an impact on our environment.

And today is a good day to think about ways we can be a little greener in our lives. If you had a fun, crazy, awesome first grade teacher like me, you've have the Earth Day song stuck in your head all morning ... "Celebrate land and sea, celebrate you and me! Celebrate Earth Day, every day!"

(Miss McGough also taught us "What's round on the end and high in the middle?" but that's a song for another day).

So if you're not singing in celebration today, you can at least celebrate by thinking of ways you can help save the environment.

I wouldn't say I'm uber-green, more like mint green. I recycle all my newspaper (which I obviously have a lot of), along with all my bottles and cans. To go one step further, my husband a…

Best and worst timing ever

"Right now's a great time to buy a home, especially for first time home buyers."

Yeah? Really? Well, you're right. And you're wrong.

I'm excited to announce my husband and I are in the process of buying a home. We're thrilled and extremely nervous at the same time. We hope to close by the end of the month, so everyone keep your fingers crossed!

And yes, it is great timing when you think about the first-time home buyer tax credit, the beautiful spring weather, and the buyer's market in real estate.

However, for me, it's also the worst time. Remember how busy I said I would be in the next few months? Well, it's still true. I am scrambling to get ahead on my work so I have time to pack/paint/move/clean/do a million other things.

Knowing we could close in as little as two weeks, I started packing things up last night. Nine boxes in, I was whipped. How am I going to get this all done? In college, I moved twice a year for four years.

Now? I'll be luck…

Foot, meet mouth

Remember when, back in June, I said I despised text messaging? (If you don't, go back and read my ranting.)

Yeah, I think I need to retract a few statements.

In January, my husband and I officially joined the texting universe. (Cue shocking background music here.)

We were up for a new contract (and new phones), and Kyle had been wanting to add texts for a while. I have to admit, I was longing to try to it out. I don't know why I cracked, but I did.

Thankfully, the nice man at the store said we could do the unlimited plan for a while and then take it back later if needed.

So we tried it.

And we were hooked.

I don't know if it's just our lifestyle, or our crazy work schedules, or our addictive personalities, but I haven't been able to go a day without texting something to someone. It doesn't help that many friends and family members are on the same band wagon. Heck, I can even text my editor when I need to!

It's just so quick. And easy.

Plus, there are a lot of occasi…