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A few steps back


It seems like when we start to feel like we're getting ahead, we fall a few steps back. Don't believe me? Ask my basement.

The darn thing flooded with about 2 feet of water Friday night during the storms. Yuck! It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I'd really rather keep my basement dry and my furnace working, if you know what I mean.

Thankfully, we have some great friends who happened to be over when Kyle discovered Lake Brigle (that's what I'm calling it for now) in our basement. They went home, grabbed some pumps, came back and got to work.

Dad checked out our water heater (you know, the one he installed for us just last week) when he got back to town Sunday. Luckily, he said it was fine and we resumed our regular hot water usage yesterday. He hasn't had time to take apart the furnace for an inspection, however, so keep your fingers crossed.

Everyone keeps trying to assure me that Friday's rain was a fluke, and Lake Brigle probably won'…

Don't hold your breath

So I few people have already asked, "When are we gonna get the after pictures?"

Umm, when after gets done.

Yes, the painting is mostly done downstairs, but we still have trim work to do. There are only two curtains up in the house right now, and almost nothing is unpacked. Let's not forget that I have about a hundred frames to hang as well.

Give me some time, folks! When you see the farm and graduation issues in The Bryan Times in the next two weeks, you'll remember why I don't have time to work on my house. Patience!


Here are some pics of the house that Kyle took while we were getting ready for the inspection process. (They are kind of blurry, which I why I clarify that Kyle took them.) Also, these are the only rooms we're really working on right now. I'll share pictures of the other rooms when they are "done."


In here, we have painted the cabinets red and the hardware silver. All that's left is to put the doors and back on and unpack a few more things. Oh, and we added a new stove and refrigerator. They are beautiful. Maybe not as beautiful as my new washer and dryer, though. (I really shouldn't get so attached to my appliances.)

Dining Room

Who doesn't love a big picture window? In here we have installed a new front door and painted the walls a stone blue color. Now I just have to move my furniture back in.

Living Room

We just painted in here, but it took a few coats. (And by "we" I mean "Kyle and our neighbors" because I wasn't home to hel…

Expect the unexpected

Today is day four of owning our own home, and it's been one exciting, crazy, stressful, scary, joyous adventure.

We have successfully moved into our new place, and boy, it wasn't easy. Nothing really went as planned.

Then again, when does anything go as planned?

It started Saturday morning with moving. I figured I'd have time to box up a few more things while my moving crew (aka our awesome friends and family) got started with loading and unloading the boxes I already had packed.

Never mind that idea. They were so great, I couldn't keep up. I had to call back reinforcements to box up my kitchen while I worked on the bedroom. That worked for a while, and I figured I'd bring over lunch and refreshments (aka pizza and beer) and see look at their progress.

Bad timing. I got to the house just in time to learn our mattress barely fit through the stairs, and the box spring was gonna have to go through a window.

Up goes the blood pressure.

Now, we are fully insured, so we were co…