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Expect the unexpected

Today is day four of owning our own home, and it's been one exciting, crazy, stressful, scary, joyous adventure.

We have successfully moved into our new place, and boy, it wasn't easy. Nothing really went as planned.

Then again, when does anything go as planned?

It started Saturday morning with moving. I figured I'd have time to box up a few more things while my moving crew (aka our awesome friends and family) got started with loading and unloading the boxes I already had packed.

Never mind that idea. They were so great, I couldn't keep up. I had to call back reinforcements to box up my kitchen while I worked on the bedroom. That worked for a while, and I figured I'd bring over lunch and refreshments (aka pizza and beer) and see look at their progress.

Bad timing. I got to the house just in time to learn our mattress barely fit through the stairs, and the box spring was gonna have to go through a window.

Up goes the blood pressure.

Now, we are fully insured, so we were covered. And I stayed inside so I didn't have to witness the box spring heading over my porch roof. (I could see, however, my mother and others watching in terror as it was hauled up. Way to calm my nerves, mom.)

And then? It didn't fit!

Apparently the one window they didn't measure upstairs is the one they tried to shove the box spring through. Oh boy. Thankfully, they got it in on the second attempt. And I didn't watch it then, either.

We stayed the night Saturday (you know, since they worked so hard getting our bed moved), but we weren't out of the apartment yet. Our water heater needed repairs, so we took our towels and soap back to our former home the next morning.

Thankfully, my dad was able to fix the water heater Sunday afternoon. Yay for hot showers! Kyle decided to test it out before he went to bed, and I decided to call it a night.

The next thing I know, Kyle is yelling for me to help him downstairs. Yes, the hot water is working, but apparently the faucet handle broke and the water wouldn't shut off!

Oh good grief! After getting out the pliers and screw driver, we realized we'd have to remove the access panel for the plumbing and turn the valves off.

So this morning, when I needed a shower, I had to turn on the valves, run back to the bathroom and hop in. Only this time? The water was too hot!

Don't worry, Kyle has already found a new faucet and dad should be over soon to fix it all. Until then, I'm going to try not to break anything else.

I feel like nothing is going as planned, but at the same time, nothing could make me happier.


  1. PLAN B often becomes plan C or D or WYZ. happens to be what I am blogging about on Tuesday post. ha.
    Welcome to home ownership! sure glad to have you in the neighborhood.


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