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Puppy tails, squeaky toys and love

Just a few weeks ago we were alone in our house. Just me, Kyle and our belongings.

Then we found Rowdy. Or he found us. Either way, it's changed our home for the better.

Now it's full of barking, laughing, playing, chasing, chewing, jumping, loving, licking, and the occasional yelling of "No, no, no!" all thanks to Rowdy.

Yes, puppies are hard. They are unpredictable and untrained and unorganized. But we love it. We love him.

It's crazy how one minute you're freaking out because the dog started chewing on the Ohio State rocking chair you got as a wedding gift, and the next minute you're trying not laugh because he's discovered that he can chase his own tail.

I have to admit, we've been pretty lucky in the potty training department. He's learned to do his business almost every time we take him outside. However, he still has little accidents on mommy's kitchen floor, and dining room floor, and upstairs hallway.

That baby gate I thought would keep …

Meet Rowdy

Internet, meet Rowdy. He is our new puppy we picked up just last night from the county dog warden. They believe he is a boxer/lab mix and is 8-12 weeks old.

We are in love!