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Rowdy says hello

I'm too busy to write a real post, and I thought you'd like to see our puppy (who's really not much of a puppy anymore). Seriously, this little guy weighs 30 pounds now!

Little doses

We all need a break every now and then. Actually, I'd rather take one now if I have the choice.

Fact is, vacations are essential to keeping your sanity, at least they are for me. When I was in college, I got really spoiled with three-week breaks for the holidays, a full week off for spring break, and an early summer release in May. (Gosh, I talk about college a lot? But I digress.)

When I jumped into the "real world," breaks became precious, like gold to me. I couldn't wait for no-paper holidays. It was like heaven.

I still remember being terrified to ask my publisher to give me time off for my wedding, which was just five months after I started working. In his very dry sense of humor, Chris simply replied, "We'll try to give you the Friday before and the Monday after."

I nodded by head in disbelief, but I couldn't argue. I would be lucky for any excused absence as a new employee, let alone several day for a honeymoon.

Five seconds later, he started laug…

My first days

I think I heard a universal groan from students across our circulation area today. When they opened their paper and found the Back to School section, they realized their summer vacation was down to just days.

Don't worry kids, I feel for you. In my many many years as a student, I've had plenty of first days at school.

Thanks to my sorta-photographic memory, I can still recall my first day of kindergarten. I was terrified because my neighbor/best friend Jared was not in my class (we were in preschool together, however). When I walked in the door I spotted one familiar face, which belonged to my good friend Trevor.

I remember clinging to Trevor and him showing me where to hang my backpack. It's a good things our last names both start with H, so we got to sit next to each other, too.

Flash forward to seventh grade and it felt the same way all over again. After attending St. Mary's School for six years, I was in a new place once again. I knew many of my non-St. Mary's clas…