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Whines and wins of pregnancy

I've judged. You've judged. We all do it at some point in our lives.

But of course, the old saying is usually true: Never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

You see, I used to judge pregnant women and think they were soooo whiney and annoying. I thought they were just playing it up for the attention or the sympathy.

I feel differently now that I'm one of them. I've walked more than a mile, AND DANG IT MY FEET HURT!

I've become that woman I used to despise: Whiney, cranky, bitter and annoying. AND I CAN'T HELP IT.

Today, I started back into another woe-is-me rut and thought I'd make a list of all the things I can't stand about being pregnant. And you'll get that list, TRUST ME.

But then, to keep myself from losing my mind over the next 13 plus weeks, I decided that for every whine I had, I'd come up with a win, a positive side of creating a human being.

So, read ahead with caution. I'll try to keep it balanced.

Whine: I am no longer in control of my body. Random bursts of vomitting, heart burn, diarrhea, exhaustion and, of course, wetting myself (oh yes, it's great) are way too common now and it's embarrasing and irritating to say the least. I just want to feel like a normal human being again.

Win: I am watching my body do something incredible. Withouth much effort, I AM GROWING A HUMAN. That's something out of superhero comic books, folks. Every week I watch my belly get bigger and bigger (along with my butt, thighs and chins), but I am reminded that it only means my little girl is getting stronger and stronger. And all I had to do was take some vitamins and take care of myself. It's like magic!

Whine: I can't do everything I used to. Besides the obvious refraining from alcohol and jumping out of airplanes, I also hate the effort it takes to climb the stairs, put on my shoes or even bend over to get something off the floor. It makes me feel useless and futile sometimes.

Win: I don't have to do everything I used to. The people around me tend to pick up the slack for my deficiencies. My husband does a lot of the housework (admittedly, he did a lot of it before), my coworkers won't let me touch the garbage or vaccuum cleaner, and they even make sure the snow is clear from the sidewalk and my car when it's time to leave. I really appreciate ALL of their help, and I promise to pay them back someday.

Whine: Babies and pregnancy are EXPENSIVE. The medical bills are already rolling in, and the cost of maternity clothes, nursery furniture and a hundred other needs really start to add up. How does anyone ever do it without going to the poor house?

Win: I get to do A LOT of shopping. Retail therapy can come in handy when you're feeling sorry for yourself and need to get out of the house. Not to mention the bargain-hunter in me gets a thrill each time I find a new deal. (Hello, breast pump adventure of 2011!)

Ok, that's the end of the list. For now. Do my fellow females have any to add? What whines or wins have I forgotten? Or maybe not yet encountered?


  1. You know they say that when you have the baby shortly after you forget all of the pain and suffering you went through. WRONG!!!! You don't forget it, maybe after years and years but you still remember how much it hurt to push that baby out. But when you come home and get the biggest smile or hug and kiss from your little bundle of joy, you tend to push those bad memories aside. Good Luck!!!

  2. My Biggest whine.. Your body NEVER is the same again. Not just weight wise which in my case didnt go back either, but Im just not the same as I was before kids. AND they dont get any cheaper!!! WIN: You get to watch them grow every day and I love hearing them say I love you!!! I love doing things for them that put a smile on their face and seeing the people they become... Pregnancy SUCKS but its all worth it in the end!

  3. Whine: My last month or two of pregnancy I could not sleep more than 2 hours at a time. Not to mention, my lower back was in pain pretty much every moment of the day.

    Win: As soon as my son was born, all of that went away. Now I have this precious little person whom I love and loves me back, unconditionally. Not to mention, he is a ton a fun to hang out with, even at 1 1/2. I agree with the mom above: Pregnancy is not fun, but it is definitely worth it in the end!

  4. Well Tami hopefully I wasn't one of those whiney pregnant women. I tried to be good around company! You are part of an elite group now. This is the group of women that have had kids and now have no abs left, back problems, bladder issues, wider hips, memory loss, sleep loss, worry all the time and oh yeah SAGGY boobs! Even after all that it is so worth it and I would go through it again just to have a cuddly little warm baby curled up in my arms. Good luck, the pregnancy will be over fast and then when they become mobile you will wish some days that they were still in your belly! :)

  5. Welcome to the world of motherhood! I'm both happy for you, and proud of you. I can still hear you saying that you were "never going to have kids." I was so excited to hear that you were expecting! There's nothing better than being a mom, trust me!!

    Remind me to send you the paper that my mom gave me before Dane was's amazing! :)

    Ok, my whine: The inexplicable inability to get comfortable in bed...
    WIN: The inexplicable things that seem to get better in bed!..oh, you know what I mean by now....
    Another WHINE: Lower back pain, elevated heart rate, and dizzy spells...
    WIN: Getting to hold that bundle of joy every day...share their smiles, comfort their tears, and watch them grow. Those are the TRUE joys in life.


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