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First time mother freak out

I'm trying to breathe, just breathe and remember that it will all be ok.

But it sure doesn't feel ok!

My baby shower is THIS Sunday, and it's all kind of hitting me now.

This is REAL. I'm having a BABY. And SOON.

On Monday, I will have reached the 30 week mark. For those of you who don't speak OB/GYN, a baby's due date is calculated on a 40 week pregnancy. And technically, the baby is considered full term and ready to deliver anytime after 37 weeks. That means I could have as little as seven weeks left until my inside baby becomes an outside baby.


Everyone keeps asking if we're ready for her to get here. Ummm, no. That's kind of why I'm freaking out. Yes, we're on track and the nursery is starting to come together, but that's only half the problem.

I have no idea how to be a parent. Maternal instincts seem like bull-hockey to me at this point, so don't try giving me that speech. I am dying to head to the hospital for our delivery/breastfeeding/infant care classes so I can bother the nurses with a MILLION questions.

Seriously folks, I have never watched an infant for more than a half hour by myself. And I'm pretty certain the mother was in the next room the entire time. And I've only changed two diapers in my lifetime. They were both on a toddler and both were only pee, so it really wasn't hard.

And yes, I know babies really don't need much. But why would they make 1 trillion safety and health products for babies if mine didn't need every one of them to survive?! Huh? Explain that one!

So if you see me in the next couple of weeks, please don't ask the obvious question. Because I seriously won't be ready until she gets here, maybe even a few weeks after that.

{End first-time mother freak out}


  1. Not to worry. Every first-time mom goes through her freak out period right before she's due. Trust me, there's no book, magazine article, or pep-talk in the world that is going to get you ready for this. It's a full crash course in trial and error...sometimes it feels more like error than not.
    Something I learned the hard way: while you're taking all the advice you can get (all be it with a grain of salt), absorb it. Those who have been there, know what they're talking about. :) Sure, not everyone's kid is the'd be surprised what doesn't work now will work in three days. LOL.
    Deep breaths, my love...deep breaths! Remember, on those days when you feel utterly alone, you're not. You have a HUGE support basin at your disposal. Any time of day or night, we're here. Love ya!


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