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The name game

Kenlee Jo Brigle

Not Kaylee or Kinlee or Kennedy.


Yes, I know it's different. And yes, I know I am putting my child through years of correcting others' spelling. (Hey, my parents did the same thing to me!) But it's the name we chose, and we love it.

As soon as I tell people the name we have picked for our daughter, we instantly get a reaction. Usually a good one, I guess. But it's almost always followed by an inquisitive look. "How did you come up with THAT?"

It's an interesting story actually (or at least I think so).

Kyle's middle name is Kenrick. It's a combination of his granfathers' names — Kenneth Brigle and Ted Ricketts.

In his family, we also have a Kendol and Kendon. So making a "Ken" name was something we played around with for a while. We also tried combining other family names, but didn't like anything we came up with quite as much.

At the same time, Kyle was asking to use the middle name Lee (boy or girl) because tha…

Am I ready?

In a word, no. I am not ready for Kenlee to arrive.

I realize that starting Monday, she could come any time (by medical standards I'll be term). However, I need her to wait about a week.

Things I still need to finish:
• Two feature assignments for work
• Cousin's graduation video (really close!)
• Packing my hospital bag
• Installing the car seat and getting an inspection
• Cleaning my house (Ok, so Kyle will likely do more of this than me, but still)
• Get my hair cut and highlighted (I know it's vain, but I don't want to look like a slob in all those photos we'll most definitely be taking)
• Get a pedicure (I have been saving my birthday money from a month ago, and I'll be darned if I don't have pretty toes when it comes time to push!)

Will I get these things done? I hope so. But I also know that babies chose their own birthdays, and I could not have anything crossed off the list before she arrives.

It's not like I wouldn't be ok if I went into labor tomorro…

Update (Because I don't know what else to write about)

It feels like I've hit a steady rhythm the last couple weeks, and I'm ok with that. Of course, it means I have nothing exciting to blog about, but I'd rather have no news than bad news.

Kenlee has been passing every non-stress test with flying colors. Only one time has she made the nurse chase her as she hid from the monitor. And my blood pressure has been awesome. For real, I had a personal best of 113/77 today!

The only pregnancy downer I had this week was the start of swelling in my feet. I have sad looking sausage toes, and I fear I won't be able to wear some of shoes much longer. Good thing it's warming up for flip flop weather!

The nursery is coming along, and it is thisclose to being done! We are making a trip to Ikea tomorrow (Woohoo!) to get a couple of little pieces. (Side note: Have you ever been to an Ikea? Seriously, it's like heaven in a warehouse. Even my husband likes it.) And Awesome Aunt Susie will be working on her crib skirt and curtain soon.