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Breast-feeding Part I: Why we do it

I could probably write the world's longest blog about breast-feeding. Instead, I want to break it up into several entries. First up: why we do it.

1. It saves money. This was honestly the biggest motivator for Kyle and I when we decided to try breast-feeding. We both hated the idea of spending money on formula when we could get what our baby needs straight from my body.

2. It's empowering. When I was pregnant, I was reading several blogs, books and message boards about breast-feeding. I realized all of the women who did it seemed to have an extra confidence as mothers. At first I felt frustrated and confused. But now that Kenlee and I have gotten the hang of things, I definitely feel empowered by breast-feeding. For real, my body has supplied my baby with everything she has needed to grow. It's amazing!

3. It's easy - most of the time. After Kenlee and I got past the learning curve and we both got used to nursing, it has been a breeze. I can just whip out a warm, fresh meal for her when we are together. Pumping when I am at work isn't much fun, but we don't have to worry about it on the weekends, which is great. I have learned to find ways around bottles when possible just because they are such a hassle.

4. It's addicting. My friends and family are probably sick about hearing me constantly talk about breast-feeding. Seriously though, you'd be obsessed with something too if you did it at least six times a day! Also, I read earlier this month that breast-feeding releases oxytocin, which gives mothers's a bit of a high. We literally become addicted to our babies. How cool, right?!

Those are the four main reason we continue to breast-feed, but it isn't all puppies and rainbows. Stay tuned for my next installment about breast-feeding: The struggles of a nursing mom.


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