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Breast-feeding part II: The struggle

I've read the phrase time and again, "Breast-feeding is natural, but it does not come naturally." It is a learned skill for both mom and baby.

Trust me, Kenlee and I had to work our way up the learning curve.

We battled through pain, tears and frustration. Within the first few weeks we were met with oversupply, thrush and a general disdain for my left breast.

It wasn't pretty.

I found myself basically strapped to the couch or glider 24/7 in an attempt to keep my baby fed and happy. I was tired, sore, and miserable. I broke down in tears several times feeling like I was going to fail.

But I didn't.

One day, in the thick of my frustration, Kyle told me it was ok if I decided to use formula. I agreed — it would not be the end of the world. After all, I truly do not believe formula is a bad thing. I was a formula baby and I think I turned out pretty great.

But my mind kept going back to the sweet feeling of when Kenlee had a good nursing session. And she was ha…