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A girl and her dog

This is a regular scene in our household. Wherever the baby is, the dog is sure to follow. He loves her, and she loves him.

When we first brought Kenlee home from the hospital, Rowdy was a little skittish around her. And when she hit the epic six week growth spurt, he was terrified of her whenever she cried. For quite a while, Rowdy would run and hide in his cage when she had fits.

And at night, even after she was quiet and asleep, he would choose to stay in his cage rather than come upstairs to sleep in our bedroom like usual.

Lately, Rowdy has gotten over his fears and realized that babies are so. much. fun. He loves to give her kisses (we stop him before he gives her a total tongue bath), and he tries to give her his toys.

Whenever Kenlee is playing on the floor (like above), he must be right next to her at all times. Sometimes when I'm nursing her on the coach or just cuddling, he'll climb right next to us so he can be close too.

And Kenlee? I'm pretty sure doggie will be her first word. Her face lights up whenever he comes into the room. We've had a few instances where she will start to cry if he leaves her sight when she's watching him. (Don't worry, she starts smiling again as soon as he reappears.)

She loves to try and pet Rowdy all the time now, and when Kyle or I play with him we can sometimes get a good set of belly laughs from her. It makes my heart melt every time.

They say dogs are man's best friend — this one belongs to a baby girl.


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