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The best we could ever have

You hear everyone talk about how amazed they were by the amount of love they could have for their children the minute they were born. Well, another love expanded the day Kenlee came into our lives: the love I have for my husband.

Yes, I'm gonna get all mushy and gushy on you because he deserves it. Seeing Kyle as a father has been just as amazing as seeing myself as a mother. It's truly heartwarming and fulfilling.

Let's start with the obvious: Kyle helps me a lot. I would not be able to function on a daily basis without him washing all the bottles, making us lunch, refilling the humidifer for the thousandth time, or making sure the dog has food in his dish. He knows just what Kenlee needs in her diaper bag and lunch pail, and just how I like my tuna melt cooked.

He does more than his fair share around the house — more than most men would attempt — and he doesn't complain at all. He also keeps Kenlee at home — by himself — several nights a week.

But more amazing than the tasks he accomplishes is his unstoppable, unbreakable love for our family. He constantly stops for hugs and kisses (from me, Kenlee and Rowdy), and tells us several times a day that he loves us (and we tell him that too!).

He gets carried away by his love sometimes, sort of swept up in it. He'll be playing with Kenlee or snuggled up with her taking a nap on the couch, and the expression on his face beams with pride and happiness.

He'll stop, look at me and say, "This is the best feeling ever."

No, Kyle.

Hearing you say that is the best feeling ever.

Happy birthday to the love of my life and the best father our family could ever have.


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