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Our new family heirloom

We went shopping last week for a new dining room table. If you saw our old one, you know that it was time. Actually, with broken chairs, ironing spots, water rings and some lovely drawings with a Sharpie, it was past time.

With some luck and a nice tax refund, we found a gorgeous plank style table with six chairs at Dietsch Furniture. I was going to settle for something a little cheaper, a little smaller, and a little more "first apartment" than "first home."

But Kyle reminded me, "We could have this thing for the next 30 years. Why not spend the extra on something nice?"

So we did. And I'm eagerly anticipating all the time we'll spend around it for 30 years or more.

Since its arrival on Monday, we have implemented a few new "rules" to get the most from our purchase. Eating in the living room, in front of the TV, is now barred except for rare cases. For our meals together, the three of us will sit around the table, at the same time, t…