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My heart is torn

We're zeroing in on one year.

Yeah. I know.

Every time I think about it, I want to break down in tears - partly because "Oh my goodness where did my baby go?!" and partly because "Thank goodness I can't believe we made it this far!"

Tonight? Tonight I'm leaning toward the sad tears.

Because my baby didn't let me put her to sleep. 

Our bedtime routine has always been precious to me. In a normal week, I only get to do our "nigh nights" twice, so I love the time for us to cuddle, rock, relax and nurse.

Ever since Kenlee was born I've been able to nurse her to sleep. Our first night in the hospital she nursed to sleep, and I stayed up for a good hour in the dark watching her relaxed in my arms. She was just content and comforted by her momma.

And with the exception of some cranky nights and growth spurts, our nighttime nursing sessions have always knocked her right out. Even when she finally unlatches, I love to watch her little lips…
It's obvious that I take a billion photos of my baby on a regular basis. I plaster them on Facebook, Twitter, this blog, my walls at home, anywhere I can. Sometimes I feel like I don't take enough. Then I do a backup of my pictures and realize I probably take too many.

Kenlee probably rolls her eyes whenever I break out the camera or say "look at mama!" while weilding my cellphone. Actually, I know she does this, at least in her head, because whenever she's doing something really cute and I get out my phone or the camera, she'll stop whatever it was I wanted a photo of and just stare at me.

It's like she's taunting me. Want a cute picture? Too bad! Neiner, neiner, neiner!

Last week we went to visit my sister and I was so mad that I forgot my camera. Luckily, my sister brought along hers. I was still kicking myself for not getting pictures at the park when I realized something.

I could finally have MY picture taken with Kenlee. I hadn't done tha…

Happy Easter!

I'm pretty sure she was the cutest Easter bunny ever. Even if she didn't sit still for long.

Thanks to Grandma Brigle for taking some of the photos.

Momma bragging time

My non-parent friends probably find me annoying. Well, I bet some parent friends find me annoying too.

The (main) reason?

I'm constantly gushing over my child and all the things she does to amaze me. I can't help it though! She's seriously amazing.

Momma wants to do some bragging. At 10.5 months old, Kenlee can:

• WALK — Like, across the room, no problem. She also likes to walk while carrying toys (in BOTH hands). P.S. Don't take away the things she's holding. A meltdown will most surely occur.

• TALK — Kenlee says Momma and Dadda very well. She also signs "all done" and "doggie" despite my repeated attempts for the more important "more" and "milk."

• EAT — Jarred baby food is so last month, at least in her mind. Kenlee loves to feed herself, anything and everything. She's has the pincer grasp down pat. Favorite foods include puffs, cheerios, turkey, chicken, bananas and sweet potatoes.

• DRINK — Straws are the cool…