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Momma bragging time

My non-parent friends probably find me annoying. Well, I bet some parent friends find me annoying too.

The (main) reason?

I'm constantly gushing over my child and all the things she does to amaze me. I can't help it though! She's seriously amazing.

Momma wants to do some bragging. At 10.5 months old, Kenlee can:

• WALK — Like, across the room, no problem. She also likes to walk while carrying toys (in BOTH hands). P.S. Don't take away the things she's holding. A meltdown will most surely occur.

• TALK — Kenlee says Momma and Dadda very well. She also signs "all done" and "doggie" despite my repeated attempts for the more important "more" and "milk."

• EAT — Jarred baby food is so last month, at least in her mind. Kenlee loves to feed herself, anything and everything. She's has the pincer grasp down pat. Favorite foods include puffs, cheerios, turkey, chicken, bananas and sweet potatoes.

• DRINK — Straws are the coolest thing ever in my baby's mind. She loves to sip water from a straw cup at meals, or whenever you'll let her. She still nurses and takes bottles, but the straw was a big step for us.

• PLAY — I know I'm biased, but my child is seriously the funniest baby ever. She will laugh at the littlest things and she's amused by random acts. Lately, she is obsessed with our Boppy pillow. She crawls all over it and proudly sits on it, then proceeds to holler and wave her arms so you'll look at her. She gives the biggest smile, then climbs around and starts over again. Silly girl.

And look? Isn't she beautiful? Be still, my heart.


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