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Dear Kenlee, never quit

Saturday was slightly embarrassing, but it was also extremely important.

After weeks of going on morning walks around Edon and "training" for the Robin B. Spangler Memorial 5K, Kenlee and I came in dead last.

Yep, someone had to do it.

We actually improved our mile pace, according to the exercise app on my phone, but it wasn't good enough to keep up with the crowd. When Kyle and I walked the race three years ago, I remember we weren't last, but we were close to the end. I vowed to train the next time we raced, so I wouldn't be struggling to keep up.

I don't know if it was the stroller, or Kenlee's need to toss out her toys/water/blanket every quarter mile, or the fact that I'm just not in shape. I won't make excuses though — what happened, happened.

The important part of the race was that we finished.

Something that stands out about my childhood was my parents' rule of never quitting. We always had to finish out the season or class or job t…

A year of 'firsts'

Kenlee is 1 year old.

Actually, she's been 1 for a week now, I've just been way too busy to blog about it.

 Kenlee's party was great and bittersweet as expected. We had a cookout with family and friends — followed by a bonfire and momma having some much needed margaritas.

On her actually birthday, Sunday, we went to the zoo, just the three of us. It was a great way to celebrate her birthday and my first Mother's Day. (Minus a minor case of food poisoning.)

Kenlee, when you're 16 and reading this you're gonna think I didn't care enough to write a post on your birthday. Actually, I was way too busy party planning, playing and assembling your awesome present (a water table that you tried out today and LOVED). So, I cared, just not on the Internet.

And it's not like I didn't write to commemorate the occasion. Here's the column I wrote about our first year, which was published in The Bryan Times last week. Enjoy!

It was a year of 'firsts'