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R-e-m-e-m-b-e-r to learn from my mistakes

Usually when I'm inspired to write, I take to the blog. But sometimes, my thoughts go in a newspaper column. Today's column was definitely meant to be printed, but I thought my blog readers would appreciate it as well — especially my sister. 

I should really be nicer to my sister.

She may have been the one to finish as class valedictorian, but she’s definitely not the family speller.

I’ve made that known to her on several occasions — with relentless teasing over what I consider basic elements of the English language.

I still remind her of the time we were packing for a camping trip and she made a list for the grocery store. She meant to write “snacks,” but it came out as “smakes.” She exclaimed that the ‘m’ was really an ‘n’ and she just has bad handwriting. Too bad she didn’t notice she was missing a ‘c’ and added and an ‘e’ where it didn’t belong.

Yeah, I still bring that up from time to time.

But I’d better stop.

Even though my spelling and grammar mistakes don’t occu…

The best of what I have

I usually hate those inspirational quote pictures on Facebook.

You know what I'm talking about. Someone likes a photo that has "Love makes the world go round" written in the sand on a beach somewhere.

Yeah, those usually drive me crazy. Mostly because I don't know how writing something in the sand, or with cutout magazine letters or flower stems can really make a difference. Also because the same ones pop up over and over as more of my friends like the same thing.

But today, one stopped my from scrolling down. It was exactly what I needed to see.

And, thankfully, it wasn't written in sand.

You see, I've been feeling sorry for myself lately. Circumstances beyond my control have really started to take a toll, and instead of pushing through and moving on, I just wanted to lie down and close my eyes until it all went away.

But attitude is everything, and seeing this reminded me of that. It reminded me to pull my head out of my rear and be thankful for what I ha…