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R-e-m-e-m-b-e-r to learn from my mistakes

Usually when I'm inspired to write, I take to the blog. But sometimes, my thoughts go in a newspaper column. Today's column was definitely meant to be printed, but I thought my blog readers would appreciate it as well — especially my sister. 

I should really be nicer to my sister.

She may have been the one to finish as class valedictorian, but she’s definitely not the family speller.

I’ve made that known to her on several occasions — with relentless teasing over what I consider basic elements of the English language.

I still remind her of the time we were packing for a camping trip and she made a list for the grocery store. She meant to write “snacks,” but it came out as “smakes.” She exclaimed that the ‘m’ was really an ‘n’ and she just has bad handwriting. Too bad she didn’t notice she was missing a ‘c’ and added and an ‘e’ where it didn’t belong.

Yeah, I still bring that up from time to time.

But I’d better stop.

Even though my spelling and grammar mistakes don’t occur nearly as often as Jan’s, mine get printed almost 10,000 times over.

And it feels like almost 10,000 people call each time to point them out.

“Smakes” seem to be coming up left and right for me lately, and I think several of you took notice.

I made a list, you know, so my sister could learn from the error of my ways:

• Remember that remember has two m’s, not one. And don’t use it in a giant headline if you’re not going to spell it correctly.

• Moore Pool is in Bryan. I have no idea where Mohre Pool is, but it certainly was not in the photo on Friday's front page.

• “WTG!” on a Facebook comment means “Way to go!” and should NEVER be confused with WTF, which has a completely different meaning. Don’t type the wrong one on Be Connected. Or, you could try to get your friends to believe WTF means “Wow, that’s fantastic!” Good luck either way.

Each mistake, each phone call, I’ve taken to heart. It stings a little each time someone points out what I’ve done wrong.

For every, “Doesn’t someone proofread this paper?” I feel a punch to the gut. Yes, I proofread, and so do several other people. But sometimes things fall through the cracks.

We’re human, after all.

But I hate making excuses, and I really do take a lot of pride in my work.

A lot of my heart and soul goes into each issue, so when people criticize The Times, it feels like a personal blow.

But, for each critique, or snide remark, I learn a little bit more. You can bet Moore Pool won’t be misidentified for a long time. Not by me, at least.

You can bet I’ll work a little more slowly, more diligently, to avoid the silly, obvious errors which have plagued me in recent weeks.

We all need a wake up call every now and then.

Trust me, I’m awake.

And Jan, I’m sorry for the endless teasing over your spelling impairment. I’m also sorry for telling all my readers that you were looking for “smakes” at the grocery store.

It won’t happen again — unless it’s REALLY funny.

I’m human, after all.


  1. Tami, your right we are all human and we do make mistakes. I think you do a fine job and I love reading your articles. Keep up the great work.


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