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Keep running

I can hear myself breathing, panting as I round another corner. There's music playing on the speakers of the stroller, but only the beat registers. I feel the wind on my face, sometimes pushing me back.

But I run.

I run because it's simple. It doesn't require a membership or a DVD or any tricky movements. I run because walking became too easy, too mundane to start my mornings.

I run for me, and me alone.

Walking is still part of the route — I'm pacing myself, pushing myself a little further each day. But still, it's running.  And one day I won't walk at all.

The scale didn't show progress this week, but my shoes did. As I hit the road this morning, I tried to remember that my journey is about my health, and it's not a race. It's just one big running path, with hills and slopes and twists and turns.

And as long as I don't turn around, I'll find the finish someday.

I've just got to keep running.

Slimming down, but still satisfied

I almost fainted in the bathroom this morning.

The scale said 230.6. 
That's a 3.4 lb. loss from last Sunday. 
That's right, I went to the fair this week, four different days actuallly, and I LOST weight. I never thought I would see the day. It's INSANE!
But here's what I want you all to know: I didn't do anything drastic this week, and I definitely did not deprieve myself. I had all of my favorites: A sausage sandwhich, fried pickles, pulled pork, taco salad and TWO amazing chocolate milkshakes. I think what made the difference was planning. 
Coming into this week, I was nervous as hell. I was fresh off a slump, and my confidence was still low. But, instead of throwing in the towel and declaring the week "off," I decided to plan each day to make the most of my points. I came home for lunch one day instead of staying to each a burger, I planned my meals at home to be low in points for the days I knew I would eat at the fair, and I …

How I met your father

Kenlee, as the daughter of a writer, you're going to read a lot of stories in your life. But one story - the story I'm about to tell you - is the most important. You see, without this story and the events that followed, you wouldn't exist.

This is the story of how I met your father.

I'm typing this in September of 2012, on the eve of the Williams County Fair. It's also the eve of the 10-year anniversary of when I met your dad.

What's ironic about meeting your dad is that I was actually trying to meet someone else that day. Ooops...

You see, I was 16 years old, a junior in high school, and I was coming off a summer fling that had fizzled. But there was this boy I had met on junior fair board, and I was sort of into him. But I sort of think he didn't know I existed. Thank goodness that didn't work out ... because I realize now that we had nothing in common.

Your dad actually is the one who pointed this out to me. But that's jumping ahead in this story…

If I'm being honest

If I'm being honest, I'll tell you the last two weeks have been HARD. I made poor decisions, I slacked on my exercise, and I let stress and emotions get the best of me.

If I'm being honest, I'll tell you that I gained a little bit of weight, but thatnkfully not much. I'm up .2 pounds from where I weighed in two weeks ago. Not that bad considering how many days I took "off" in that time. But still I know I just wasted two weeks where I could have made the scale move down instead.

If I'm being honest, I'll say that we had a cookout tonight, and it was damn hard walking away from that homemade mac and cheese and my sister-in-law's chocolate cake. While the light cake I brought was delicious, it was really hard to say no to the other things I wanted.

If I'm being honest, I'll tell you that this is the constant struggle of weight loss. It gets in your head and you can easily let one excuse turn into 50. And then you feel disappointed becaus…