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How I met your father

Kenlee, as the daughter of a writer, you're going to read a lot of stories in your life. But one story - the story I'm about to tell you - is the most important. You see, without this story and the events that followed, you wouldn't exist.

This is the story of how I met your father.

I'm typing this in September of 2012, on the eve of the Williams County Fair. It's also the eve of the 10-year anniversary of when I met your dad.

What's ironic about meeting your dad is that I was actually trying to meet someone else that day. Ooops...

You see, I was 16 years old, a junior in high school, and I was coming off a summer fling that had fizzled. But there was this boy I had met on junior fair board, and I was sort of into him. But I sort of think he didn't know I existed. Thank goodness that didn't work out ... because I realize now that we had nothing in common.

Your dad actually is the one who pointed this out to me. But that's jumping ahead in this story...

Ok, so backing up a little ... You should know that I was kind of shy at the time. I had a few friends on junior fair board, but I mostly kept to myself and a few girls I had met before (including your Aunt Stephanie).

So you might think it was weird that I went the whole year on the board without ever meeting your father, but it's true, I swear. We should have run into each other several times before the fair, but we just didn't.

On that fateful morning, however ...

I was slacking off from my board duties for a few minutes to braid a friends' hair that Saturday. We were sitting on some bleachers in the show arena, when all of a sudden, the fair king walked by. He had to help move some fencing, and he stopped and threw his hat on my head so it wouldn't get dirty.

That fair king was your father. And I was intrigued. But that's not the end of our story ...

He collected his hat, but I thought nothing more as I went along with my day. At the start of the hog show, I was assigned to work in the washracks of the barn, wrangling pigs and exhibitors in the right direction.

The fair king was there. He was sitting on my show box actually, using it as a place to rest between classes. We struck up a conversation, and I can't fully explain what happened next.

You see, your daddy has a magnetic personality. He's easy to talk to, easy to get along with. After just a few minutes, it felt like we were old friends. This is how he is with anyone he meets, but with me it was just different. Something else was there.

At some point, he asked me my relationship status and managed to make me tell him the name of the guy I was crushing on. (See? He makes people feel comfortable so easily that they spill their guts for no reason.)

That's when he laughed at me. He thought I was crazy.

At that point, I probably was.

That's when your daddy decided it was his mission to find me a boyfriend, anyone BUT that silly guy I thought I liked. He started asking random guys walking by if they'd go out with me, embarassing me to no end. Then he started bribing a little boy, who was about 5 at the time, to go out with me for 100 pennies. (Later on, the price went to 500 pennies. Apparently, I was a bargain.)

Somehow, in the middle of him attempting to auction me off to the highest bidder, I decided I was already sold. To him. While he was asking other guys if they were interested in taking me on a date, I was working up the guts to tell him I'd rather he just took me out himself.

Well, that didn't happen. I was too chicken.

What did happen is us spending practically the entire week together at the fair, hanging out while we did junior fair work and walking around with some mutual friends.

At one point, I discovered your Aunt Amanda was dating your daddy's cousin. That's when I knew I had a chance. You see, Aunt Mandy made it her mission to make sure my cowardly ways wouldn't stop me from getting a date with your dad.

One night, probably a week or so after the fair, she happened to see your daddy. And I don't know how she did it, but she convinced him to call me. I was preparing for a boring Saturday night visiting with some family when I answered the phone.

Instantly, nothing else mattered. My world stopped and I knew I was falling for him. It was a pretty basic first date, with Pizza King, Dairy Queen, and probably a trip to Walmart to look at CDs. And I remember we talked. And talked. And talked. We drove around in your daddy's Buick until curfew, just shooting the breeze and listening to Blink-182.

It was the last first date of my life.

And that, my sweet girl, is how I met your father. I fell in love, and I've been falling for him ever since.


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