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Getting jolly without the jelly

WARNING: This post is going to come off as rude. And Grinch-like. But that's not my intention.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I should start by saying I LOVE the holidays. I start listening to Christmas music sometime before Halloween, and I have all my decorations up and running the minute the turkey is in the Tupperware.

But this year, I have to cut back if I want to stick to my weight loss goals.

Thanksgiving was the trial run. Lunch was decent, with smart portions and a low-fat, low-sugar dessert that I made from a Pinterest recipe. But then I left for our next celebration, where all the food was left out for grazing. I told myself, "What's one day going to hurt?" and dug in for some treats. And then more treats. And then we had a dinner of leftovers. And then I needed another treat when we got back from shopping. And wine — liquid calories count just as much as solid ones.

Then I told myself that I might as well be bad for the rest of the weekend and restart on Sunday. Hahahahaha. I'm so good at joking with myself.

Then vacation happened. All hell broke loose. I'm actually quite surprised my belt didn't break loose with as careless as I acted.

To put it simply, that one day turned into two full weeks of bad choices. I lost 14 days of progress and gained back more than three pounds. I essentially shot myself in the foot because the couple weeks prior had been great, and I was finally starting to see the scale move in the right direction.

These sure were tasty ... but way too tempting. Sorry, family!
I won't be making the same mistake again.

Yes, I can enjoy the holidays. Yes, I can treat myself. But I can no longer allow myself to binge like a ravenous beast and then expect to jump back on the wagon the next day. It just. Doesn't. Happen.

What does this all mean? A few things:

It means I won't be making my annual giant batch of Christmas cookies. My willpower is not strong enough to resist 15 dozen cookies sitting in my kitchen. Last year, I had at least five a day for an entire week. That's not an exaggeration either. Actually, it may be an understatement.

It means that as much as I love my family/friends/coworkers, I won't be eating their goodies either. Sure, I may have one here or there (so please don't judge if you see me with a sweet!), but most of you will be shot down. Don't take it personally. I'm just on a mission!

It means that I'm going to search for and create some new recipes this year. So when I show up to your party or gathering with some strange concoction, don't freak out. If I can arm myself with at least one Weight Watchers-friendly dish, I'll be more confident that I can enjoy the meal without losing progress. It's either that I don't show up at all. (I'm kidding... kind of.)

And HOPEFULLY it means I learned my lesson with Thanksgiving, and that I'm giving myself a head start on my New Year's resolutions. 


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