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She's my motivation

Thanks to my beautiful daughter, I am getting re-motivated.

The winter brought on a nasty case of the uglies for me. I was tired, moody and unmotivated for several weeks. Luckily, my healthy eating habits helped me drop 10 pounds during the cold and dark months, but I know it could have been better.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to get rid of the blahs and get motivated again. Slowly, I've been pulling myself back up and into a better routine. But it hasn't been easy. 

Today, I realized I need to look back at what got me motivated in the first place. Last April, when I got serious about my health and started Weight Watchers (again) with Kyle, it was Kenlee that made the difference. As she was eating more and more solid foods, I was become more and more concerned with what we were eating as a family. I was afraid and downright ashamed of the idea of feeding her the same meals we had on the table. 

I wanted to model a health lifestyle for her. I wanted to show her good eating and exercise habits. And I wanted her to be proud of me. 

Things have changed a lot since then, and today I realized that no matter what the scale says, I am reaching my goals. 

First, Kenlee is eating well and she loves healthy foods. She has fruits and vegetables with every meal, and she tries new foods all the time. Most importantly, I am no longer ashamed to feed her the same meals that Kyle and I are eating. 

Kenlee also loves to share snacks, and today, instead of munching on goldfish, she decided to share bell pepper and homemade ranch dip with me. It was not only a great appetizer to our lunch, but it also was a proud moment for me as a mother. Someone had to buy that healthy snack, someone had to make it. And, someone had to show her several times before that it was a good choice. 

That someone was me. 

My second proud moment came as I was getting in a quick workout. I have been following a simple circuit training workout I found on Pinterest a few days a week.

Today, Kyle was calling off the next move for me as I progressed through the list. 

And Kenlee was "working out" right beside me. At first, she was trying to do all the same moves — jumping jacks, squats and even jack knife sit ups. When things got a little tough, she decided to run circles around me instead. But still, she was running! 

And just as I wanted to give up and give my abs a break, she shouted "Yay, mommy!" 

I mean, come one. You can't stop when your toddler cheers you on. 

So yes, I am thrilled to have hit a milestone on the scale (down more than 50 pounds now), but I am more thrilled that I am becoming the role model I wanted to be. My family is eating well, getting active and living happily. 

If that's not motivating, I don't know what is.


  1. love it that she is working out with you. I wish I could see the PIN a little larger, Wanted to read it.

    Today Bill got out the WII and exercised and I tried a Zumba DVD - what a workout for this old lady.

    By the way, next week's health page is an interview with Stephanie Elliott from Edgerton who has lost 95# through Weight Watchers. She gave me some great quotes something like it is for health and for her family not just about losing the weight. She never rain before and is now running and training for a half marathon. inspirational. my goal: walking the Robin Spangler 5k this year. note: WALKING. LOL

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks Jean! That pin is on my healthy lifestyle board. It's not easy to read no matter how I save it, but on Pinterest it looks good. And walking the 5K is no easy task either. It's a great goal!


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