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Attitude is everything; go run your race

Note: This column was also published in The Bryan Times today. I wanted to share it here to document more of my weight loss journey.

Attitude is everything.

As humans, we know this, but somehow we let our thoughts keep us from achieving our goals. Mental roadblocks get in the way before we even attempt a new task or face a problem.

“I can’t do that. There’s no way.”

But a change in your frame of mind can change the outcome.

“I can do that. I will find a way.” 

At least with a positive mindset, you stand a chance of reaching your goals. With a negative mindset, you likely won’t even try.

I have a sticky note on my work computer to remind me to stay positive daily. It says, “Negativity is a choice. Choose something else. You have better things to do.” 

I think I found that saying on a blog I follow or a Twitter feed. Either way, it hits the nail on the head for me.

Because we choose our attitudes every day. We choose how to face the situations we are dealt.
Another great quote  about attit…