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Training: Week 2

This week of training had a few bumps in the road — literally — but I managed to finish on a high note.

Monday I was just downright tired and Kyle was late getting home from work, so I was forced to skip my run. Tuesday morning, I just couldn't get my legs moving and felt pretty awful, finishing 3 miles in my slowest time for training — 39:20. I pushed through the whole thing though, despite my brain constantly telling me to walk. I consider that a win.

Took my rest day Wednesday and by Thursday I was feeling much more like myself. I actually hit a new 3 mile PR of 33:30! It was such a therapuetic run and exactly what I needed to get out of my funk.

We decided to take a family bike ride on Friday for crosstraining. Kyle and I have always wanted to check out the Rivergreenway in Fort Wayne, and it was great. (Although I am still bothered by the fact that they made the name all one word. Obviously, it wasn't a journalist who decided on that.) The views were spectacular, and the trails were smooth and easy. I kept thinking about how awesome it would be to run them for a long distance day. (I'm hoping we can make that happen soon.)

We were near the end of our 9.5-mile journey when I stupidly got too close to the edge of the sidewalk and wiped out. My bike flew into the grass, and I flew into the concrete. Thankfully, I was able to pick myself up and found only minor damages. Unfortunately, I left a half dollar-size piece of skin from my palm in Fort Wayne, but it's starting to heal. A wonderfully kind woman from the Johnny Appleseed Campground let me wash up in the bathroom and gave me antiseptic and bandages. I sent an email of gratitude to the parks department, so I hope she gets some recognition for showing kindness to a stranger.

Next time, we won't forget the first aid kit.

I was a little worried Saturday morning as I prepared for my first-ever 5-mile run. My hand was hurting from the crash still, and my hips were sore from biking. But I just took off and did my best.

I decided from the get-go that I wanted to make it in under an hour, so I needed to stay under a 12:00 pace. Halfway through, I stopped and walked while I took a drink from my new hydration belt (a glorified fanny pack to hold a water bottle and my phone). After that, I felt like I could breeze through the rest, and I did! I managed to stay under pace the entire time and finished in 57:10!

Seriously, six months ago I couldn't run for a minute. Now I can run for nearly an hour! I declare Week 2 of training a huge success.


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