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Training: Week 4

I can't seem to get my head clear to write a good post, so this week you just get my random thoughts.

• FIRST: Holy cow, I made it through a month of training!

• This week was much more consistent than last week. I really did plug in my phone across the room, so I was forced to get up and out of bed when the alarm went off at 6 a.m. — or earlier, like on Saturday. All my runs were refreshing morning outings, and I can't say I'm really disappointed in my performance at all. Consistency paid off!

• Saturday's early morning jaunt (leaving the house at 6 a.m.) was due to Kyle's work schedule, but it was awesome to run in the chill of the morning. The first three miles were actually the toughest, but the last three felt incredible. I'm not sure why, but I just felt unstoppable. My mile splits were closer to even, so I was even happier when I saw the stats.

• Now that I am running for over an hour on my long runs, I've read it's important to "fuel" part way with some form of nutrition, in addition to hydration. Being a rookie — and living far from any running stores or experts — I decided to give Gatorade's energy chews a shot. They were the most accessible option, and cheap if I didn't like them. I like to run on an empty stomach so far, but since the package said they were designed for pre-workout, I ate half the pack before my run and half the pack mid-way, at mile 3. I liked the taste, they went down easy and I didn't have stomach issues. Can't really tell if they boosted my performance yet, but I'll keep using them on my long runs until I find something else.

• I realized this week that I am weak. As in, I have no muscle strength. To remedy this, I'm gonna try  some strength training on my rest days. I'm not looking to go crazy, but I at least need some better core strength if I ever want to run faster.

• Since increasing my mileage, I have been hit by hunger — hard. Weight loss is not a top priority during training, but I don't want to throw away my progress with Weight Watchers. This week, it's my goal to track ALL of my PointsPlus instead of indulging in mindless binging. I know I need to eat more since I'm running more, but I also know there's a way to satisfy my hunger while staying in control.

• Friday's bike ride was my first since the crash two weeks ago. We hit the paved trail in Angola, which was really nice for a family outing. However, I got really nervous whenever Kyle got too close because I didn't want to ride on the edge of the sidewalk. But the good news is my hand is healing, and I got back out there again!


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