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A run with my daughter that I’ll never forget

This column was published in The Bryan Times on Monday, Aug. 19, 2013.

The sun was setting, the neighborhood was quiet and a cool breeze was rustling in the trees. A late Monday night had kept me from my Tuesday morning run, and an early assignment on Wednesday was threatening to do the same.

I usually prefer the solitude of my morning routine, but that evening I realized a workout with the toddler in tow would have to do. With Kenlee in the stroller and my play list on shuffle, we took off on what I worried would be a tough route.

Earlier in the day, when I was contemplating the effort, I told myself it was OK to cut things short. My training schedule called for 5 miles, but the exertion of pushing the stroller — and stopping to pick up tossed snack cups — had the potential to make those 5 miles feel like 10.

I don’t know if it was the cool temperatures, the change in routine or the thought of my daughter watching — but as the miles clicked by, I felt stronger. My pace was surprising…

Training: Week 9

I'm going to sound so annoyingly perky with this post. But seriously, this week was probably the best so far in my half marathon training, and there's just so much to write about.
Let's start with my obsession with water. I think I've finally found my ideal solution for hydration on long runs. After trying out two different hydration belts, I wasn't quite satisfied. The bouncing still bothered me, and I felt like I had to constantly adjust the belt to stay in place on my hips. Plus, I kind of felt like the 20 oz. limitation was going to be tough as my runs got longer.

My teammates seemed extremely satisfied with their CamelBaks on our long runs, so I started researching their products. Kyle also thought he could use a hydration option for runs and long bike rides, so together we selected and ordered the CamelBak Dart online. With a sale and free shipping, I was super pumped to try it out just two days later.

And? I think this is finally the solution I've be…

Training: Week 8

First and foremost: I AM HALFWAY THERE! Yes, that requires all caps and an exclamation point.

I can't believe that Week 8 is done, and I have completed half of my training for my half marathon. Actually, I can run more than half a half marathon at this point, (that's a lot of halfs...) and it feels amazing. Eight weeks ago, I was terrified of finishing my first 5-miler. Now, I have knocked that out in the morning before work.

Anyway, this week was pretty great. I capped it off with a Team Shenanigans run near my sister's house in Canton, Mich., down the I-275 trail. The trail is a paved path along the interstate and through neighborhoods and woods nearby. We saw everything from fitness bikers and other runners to pornographic graffiti and live animals (like the snake that touched my foot!). Honestly, the eight miles seemed to fly by, and I am glad Jan and Danielle helped me keep pace again.

And despite her regular protests of "Let's just get this over with,"…

Training: Weeks 6 & 7

This post will have to wrap up Weeks 6 and 7 since I couldn't do a post for just Week 6. I just ran (no pun intended) out of time to write. Before I knew it, I was two days into Week 7, so I decided a mashup would have to do.

It's kind of fitting that I write about both weeks at the same time because they were physically (Week 6) and mentally (Week 7) challenging for me.

Week 6 was that week of the month for me. Sorry if you think that's too much information, but I think it's necessary to note for my training records. And the ladies can better understand why it was just a miracle I got out and ran at all.

I know "they" say it's best to keep running through your period, so I did, despite my uterus screaming at me to slow down. I have come to realize it really is better for me to keep running because after a few days, I feel great. But getting through a couple of those first runs was as challenge, for sure.

By Friday, I was feeling much better and ready t…