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Take a seat? Potty training not for babies

This column appeared in The Bryan Times on Monday, Sept. 23. 

I am so tired of changing diapers.

Done. Over it. Finished.

In fact, I’m so sick of changing them, buying them, or packing them into my daughter’s bag that I’m tempted to let her walk around naked — cleaning the mess on the floor might be easier to handle at this point. Actually, I’m told that’s one method of potty training — one of the thousands.

Because you see, potty training is such a difficult concept that in all the centuries of human existence no one has nailed down a sure-fire way to get it right. Kenlee is nearly 2 and a half at this point.

I realize she’s not a “late bloomer” on this milestone, but we’ve been working at this for so many months I’m starting to wonder if she’ll go to college in Pull-Ups.

I think I was set up for disappointment, however. My mother claimed girls were easy to train. My sister and I were in underwear by our second birthdays, she told me, and she had very little problems compared to w…

Training: Week 14

So much happened this week, I'm not sure where to start.

First, my ankle feels much better. It's stiff first thing in the morning when I walk down the stairs, but otherwise hasn't bothered me. I stayed off it Saturday and Sunday last week, and I just resumed the training schedule Monday. It wasn't awful, but I could tell I recovering instead of progressing.

All week I debated what I should do about my long run. Should I try for the 12 miles or cut it back to 10? Maybe do the 11 I missed? Should I try to schedule it with my team or just get it done early? Run near home or return to Oak Openings? (If you haven't noticed, I tend to overthink things.)

Anyway, I decided I needed to do all 12 miles as originally planned. Due to potential conflicts, I decided to go Friday, and because Kyle was willing to go with me, I headed back to Oak Openings to conquer the trails. If anything, I wanted to experience the gorgeous scenery again.

The first half of the run was dec…

Training: Week 13

It's Friday the 13th during Week 13 of my training to run 13.1 miles. See a pattern? It's not a good one. 
I thought 13 was my lucky number considering I gave birth on a Friday the 13th, but apparently my luck ran out. 
I was only 2 miles into what was supposed to be an 11-mile run at Oak Openings Metropark today when I rolled my ankle. Not good friends. Not good at all. 
I honestly don't know what I tripped on, but it doesn't really matter. At first, I was afraid a park ranger would have to come pick me up from the trail. Then I realized I could at least put some weight on it to walk. Slowly. 
Then, like an idiot, I thought I would try to run. Because the high school athlete in my head was saying "Just walk it off." But no. No no no no no. NO!
There would be no more running today. Or tomorrow. Or maybe even the next, I realized. While I'm not crippled (and I know I don't have a serious strain), I'm smart enough to know I shouldn't run. 
So a…

Training: Week 12

I swear I am not trying to run fast.

But someway, somehow, I am mysteriously getting faster. I had been slowly noticing the progression over the last several weeks, but this week it was unmistakable.

ALL of my runs were PRs. Every. Single. One.

I kicked if off Monday by tackling my 3-miler in 32:09, beating my previous record of 33:11. I knew I could do it — during longer runs I have been hitting the pace. But for some reason it took nearly a month for me to have a good short run. FINALLY! That was a great way to start the week.

Tuesday, I finished my 5 miles in 53:26, beating my old best of 55:54. HELLO! Where was this speed coming from?

Thursday, I had to take Kenlee for the 5 miles, and we finished in 52:50. WHAT?! I nearly peed my pants (or maybe I already did a little — I am a mother runner after all!).

Saturday I was feeling intimidated by my my first 10-mile run. Hitting the double digits was a whole new territory for me, and 10 miles just gave me a daunting feeling that none…

Training: Weeks 10 & 11

Did you think I quit? Nope, I just haven't had time to blog. Weeks 10 & 11 went really well overall, and I'm currently feeling strong. However, I only have three more weeks of training before I enter the two-week taper (a slow down period before the race). 

Three weeks? I know I've come a long way, but I cannot believe training is coming to a close already. "Trust the training" is my mantra these days, reminding me that if I put in the work, I will reach my goals. With a crazy busy work and home life right now, it's all I can do to squeeze in my runs ... But I know I need them to keep my sanity.

So even though I haven't had time to write much, I have had time to take pictures! Here's a look — literally — at my last two weeks of half marathon training.