Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I think I'm going to streak.

Yup, I'm ready to go on a running streak for the holidays. (What did you think I meant?)

If all goes to plan, today will be my final rest day from now until Jan. 2 because I've decided to try out the holiday running streak challenge (Runner's World has some info here). The idea is simple: Run every single day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. In order to count as an official streak, your runs have to be at least 1 mile, but you can log as many as you want.

I've decided to try this out because I am sooo close to hitting my lifetime goal for Weight Watchers, but I also want to enjoy the holidays and not sit in the corner like a hungry curmudgeon while everyone else bakes cookies and drinks hot cocoa. I want to find a balance of enjoying the holidays without ruining all my progress. And dang it, I want to hit that goal!

I promise you I won't be logging long runs every day, or even every week any more. I want to add in the extra miles without injuring myself or getting burnt out. My plan is to take it easy at first, and I'll probably have a lot of days with single-mile runs, just so I can squeeze them in.

Oh, and it will definitely get me more used to running in the cold, which has been fairly interesting so far. My new Knuckle Lights have made a big difference for my dark morning runs, and I've been drinking more coffee in the mornings to give me a boost and keep me warm at o-dark-thirty. Rowdy has also been making a return as my running partner to keep me company.

Let the streak begin!

Anyone else streaking this holiday season? Do you have a different approach to avoiding extra holiday pounds?

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