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My five ingredients for running: A contest entry turned blog post

You'd think that as a journalist I'd be good with brevity, but sometimes I just need more words than are in existence. The ladies at Another Mother Runner are hosting a series of amazing giveways this holiday season. One of them, for a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill, asks entrants to list their five ingredients to running. Mine might have gone a little long...

After thinking for a few days, I finally left what I hope is a winning comment. But with a mere 800+ entries, I can only pray that mine is read, let alone be chosen for the grand prize. After writing and rewriting my comment I decided it was probably a lot longer than what they were looking for, but I didn't care. If anything, I thought it would make an excellent blog post. So, enjoy!

1. My health - I started running to break through a plateau in my weight loss efforts, but it took me places I never expected. My goal was to drop another 10-20 pounds, but here I am on the cusp of a healthy weight range for the…

Eight things about today's 8-miler

1. I was feeling the winter blahs this morning, which almost kept me home. But I had better sense and realized that I NEEDED a good long run to push those blahs away. Sometimes a good sweat is the only cure for me.
2. It was FREEZING outside (literally), but it didn't bother me much during my run. But afterward, when it took a hot shower and an hour under the blankets with a hood over my head to warm up, I realized just how cold 25 degrees really feels.

3. Due to No. 2, my iPhone just up and quit in the middle of my run. I pulled it out of my Camelbak pouch to change podcasts, and it just shut down. I was around mile 4, so that meant the last 4 miles were sans GPS and music.

4. I was dreading the idea of running "naked" but it wasn't all that bad. I used the time to sort of think through a few things and commune with nature... sort of. I think I still prefer some noise in my earbuds to keep me going. Does anyone know of any good jackets or sweatshirts equipped wi…