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Eight things about today's 8-miler

Even in the cold, I sweat like a beast!
1. I was feeling the winter blahs this morning, which almost kept me home. But I had better sense and realized that I NEEDED a good long run to push those blahs away. Sometimes a good sweat is the only cure for me.
2. It was FREEZING outside (literally), but it didn't bother me much during my run. But afterward, when it took a hot shower and an hour under the blankets with a hood over my head to warm up, I realized just how cold 25 degrees really feels.

3. Due to No. 2, my iPhone just up and quit in the middle of my run. I pulled it out of my Camelbak pouch to change podcasts, and it just shut down. I was around mile 4, so that meant the last 4 miles were sans GPS and music.

4. I was dreading the idea of running "naked" but it wasn't all that bad. I used the time to sort of think through a few things and commune with nature... sort of. I think I still prefer some noise in my earbuds to keep me going. Does anyone know of any good jackets or sweatshirts equipped with zipper pockets to keep your phone warm?

5. Today was the first time I have needed to take my pepper spray out of my front pocket, and I even had my finger on the trigger. Two dogs from a farm saw me coming, and one was barking pretty ferociously. I moved to the other side of the road, to give him some room in his territory, but he followed me and started growling at my heels. I yelled "no dog!" and kept my eyes forward. Thankfully, they finally left me alone.

6. Even though it's cold outside, I did well keeping myself just as hydrated as I would on a summer run. Since the temps can freeze my water in the Camelbak straw, I made a conscious effort to drink every mile and keep things flowing. I actually drained the whole pouch by the end - that's 50 ounces!

7. I decided that of all things Mother Nature can use to slow me down, wind is by far my worst enemy. Rain? I can run wet. Snow? It's actually pretty. Cold? Add more layers. But wind? Running into wind makes me feel like I'm a snail running through a tub of molasses. Ugh.

8. Part of my motivation for running today may have been the bag of buffalo Pretzel Crisps and tub of Sabra hummus I bought last night ... and then proceeded to mow down. Yup, two sittings and 24 hours later, it's all gone. Hey, we all have our weaknesses, right? At least I burned off some of the calories before I finished inhaling them all.

P.S. or No. 9: Today's run was day 10 of my running streak. So far, so good! I had a close call Thursday with some scheduling conflicts, but I ticked off a single mile run at 10:30 p.m. when I finally got home for the day. And I want to say thank you to my friend Chelsea for keeping me on track. We've been messaging our miles every day for accountability, and it has been really motivating!


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