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My Weight Watchers story

When I talk to people about my weight loss, the first thing they want to know is "How did you do it?"

The answer is Weight Watchers and running. Since I've obviously written more than enough about running, I'd like to share more of my Weight Watchers story in the hopes that it will help someone else who tries the program. To date, I've lost 103 pounds with the program, and I lost the first 50 before I started running.

My Weight Watchers story started just a few months after I was married, in the summer of 2009. Before that first meeting, I hadn't stepped on a scale in probably a year, but I knew my weight was getting out of control. I weighed in at 269.2 pounds — the highest weight I would ever see outside of pregnancy.

My first few months were OK. I dropped down to 255 before the holidays hit that year, and then I gave up. I tried again a few months later, but I decided I just "didn't have time" to focus on my weight. I didn't step foot on …

Avoiding the excuses, staying on track

When we were growing up, my siblings used to joke that I was the queen of excuses. If I didn’t want to do something, I could find every reason to avoid it at all costs. 

Laundry to fold? I needed to go to the bathroom. Or suddenly I recycling to sort, or some homework to do. Food I didn’t want to eat? I was full. Or I was allergic, or I still had more homework to do. I could come up with excuse after excuse, hoping that someone else would pick up the slack in my absence, or just throw away the things I didn’t want to deal with. (Or in one instance, hunt me down in the clubhouse where I was hiding and force me to finish my chicken nuggets. Thanks, Scott.)
As an adult, I’m still REALLY good at finding excuses. But I’ve found the only way to move past them is to avoid them altogether. When it comes down it, I play to my organizational strengths and plan, plan, plan. This has been especially helpful in the last six weeks or so. 
When I started my new job, I realized I’d have to find a new…