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My Weight Watchers story

When I talk to people about my weight loss, the first thing they want to know is "How did you do it?"

The answer is Weight Watchers and running. Since I've obviously written more than enough about running, I'd like to share more of my Weight Watchers story in the hopes that it will help someone else who tries the program. To date, I've lost 103 pounds with the program, and I lost the first 50 before I started running.

It took a long time to go from 269 lbs. to 166 lbs. 
My Weight Watchers story started just a few months after I was married, in the summer of 2009. Before that first meeting, I hadn't stepped on a scale in probably a year, but I knew my weight was getting out of control. I weighed in at 269.2 pounds — the highest weight I would ever see outside of pregnancy.

My first few months were OK. I dropped down to 255 before the holidays hit that year, and then I gave up. I tried again a few months later, but I decided I just "didn't have time" to focus on my weight. I didn't step foot on a scale again until I found out I was pregnant with Kenlee. At my first appointment, the scale read 269 again. The doctor told me in no uncertain terms that my obesity was a risk factor and I should aim to gain no more than 5 pounds during my pregnancy. I gained 15, which was good, but not the best.

When Kenlee was 5 months old, I joined Weight Watchers again. But even with the extra points for nursing, I struggled. I still hadn't figured out what a healthy diet looked like, and when I ate within my points value, I saw my milk supply drop. Looking back, I think I wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables. I also didn't eat enough snacks during the day to sustain my milk production and hunger. Either way, I chose to focus on nursing and pumping and I gave up Weight Watchers again.

My third attempt was different. In April 2012, Kenlee was 11 months old and starting to eat more table food. The doctor said after her first birthday she could really eat whatever Kyle and I were eating. But when I looked at what we were eating, I suddenly felt disgusted. There was no way I could feed her the same crap. I spent so much time nursing and pumping and buying organic baby food to give her the best start possible — was it all a waste?

I shared my concern with Kyle and convinced him to join Weight Watchers with me this time. I wanted to be eating the same meals and measuring the same servings. I wanted to make a change for our family, one that was for life and not just for a few months.

This time, it was different. We could no longer attend meetings with our crazy schedules, but we used the online resources Weight Watchers had to offer. The tracker on our smartphones become a lifeline.  We also used each other for support and encouragement — it was like having a meeting at home every day!

Of course, we've had our ups and downs since then, but we've never given up completely. When I look at our plates now, I'm no longer ashamed. We changed our lives, and our health, for good. Though I am technically in a health weight range for the first time in my life, my Weight Watchers story isn't over.

I am just 2 pounds away from achieving "Lifetime" status with Weight Watchers. The number is based on a healthy BMI, and though I have weighed in under that number (164) on the scale at home before, I have not done so at a meeting. The challenge for me has been dropping below that number and STAYING there, which is why I decided a few weeks ago to return to meetings. Not only will I be able to officially achieve Lifetime status (and finally get my membership for FREE!), but I will also continue to get the support and information I know I still need.

You might be asking yourself why all this matters, and I suppose maybe it doesn't. But lately I've felt a need to talk more about the nutrition side of my weight loss journey, and Weight Watchers has obviously been a big part of that. I want people to know it truly is about making a lifetime change, not a temporary one, and that sometimes you have to fail and start again. I'll admit I don't follow the program perfectly, but with my third try finally figured out how to make it work for me.

Next week, I want to share some tips and advice for people interested in Weight Watchers. What questions do you have? What would you like to know?

(Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way by Weight Watchers - I still pay a full membership fee! I just really love this program and what it's done for my family, so I'm going to be sharing a lot of advice, and hopefully some recipes.) 


  1. You are so inspirational. And courageous for sharing your story so it helps others.

  2. I personally like to see what people who are successful at weight loss are actually eating. I'm a fairly new reader to your blog, so please forgive me if this has already been covered. I have about 15lbs to lose and I am SO frustrated that the weight isn't going. I exercise at the gym regularly, and eat very well-rounded (albeit low-carb) meals. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong (aside from the daily alcoholic beverage I enjoy at home, which may need to be cut out completely, or saved for weekends) so I love to see what successful people are eating. Maybe you can share your go-to snacks, meals, etc. Thanks, Lisa

  3. Lisa, I totally intend to start doing just that. I think everyone needs new ideas every once in a while! Please stick around and check it out. I promise I'll start those posts soon (hopefully next week!). Thank you for reading/commenting!

  4. How did you push through your plateaus? I lost about 40/50 pounds during my first 6 months with the program. I've been struggling for quite awhile to push past the plateau. I have taken up running and the scale isn't moving. It won't budge. It's very frustrating! I can see my body transforming, just not on the scale. Any advice?

  5. First of all, great job! Second, remember that as you lose more it does take more time and effort to see results. For me, a plateau usually signaled a need to change things up. Try some new recipes or be snacks. I get in ruts with my meals and I find that exploring new healthy options usually helps. Or try new workouts. Even running different routes can help. Your body will have to adjust to new hills


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