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What we're eating: Diet Pop Cupcakes

One of the hardest things about changing my eating habits is not eating my emotions. You know what I’m talking about. Happy, sad, mad, lonely, bored – there’s something in our minds that tells us to eat when we're overwhelmed with feelings. 
If you're lucky enough to not struggle with emotional eating. Good for you. I'll eat my doughnuts in jealousy. 
Anyway, when emotions strike, one of three things happens:  I fight the urge and try to deal with my feelings a different way – dance, call a friend, go for a run, clean the house, do a little retail therapy, when I can afford it … and sometimes when I can’t ;)I try to find a healthy alternative to whatever it is I’m craving (I’ll show you one below!)And sometimes, I’ll admit, I just eat whatever I want and deal with the consequences later. I really don’t recommend this option, but it happens to the best of us.  Last week, we celebrated Kenlee’s third birthday. My emotions were all over the place. 
Sad: “Gah! My baby is a big …

Recovering and looking ahead

When it comes to running, I'm totally my father's child, and not because he used to be a runner.

My dad is the kind of person who can't sit still, can't take a break for very long. He's always working on something in his shop, or he has a project to finish around the house (around my house, sometimes, because thankfully he's so darn handy). If there's any "free time" to be had, he usually finds something he can do, even if it's for a few minutes.

Can't find him? Look in the shop, or the basement, or the barn, or grandpa's house. Don't look on the couch because he's rarely there. Even on vacation, dad's not one to lounge around. His idea of "relaxation" is getting up at dawn for a walk before the rest of the family wakes.

Now, in general, I'm not as active as my dad. At the end of the day, I know how to kick back and enjoy my TV shows, and I've been know to take naps on the weekends. I also spend my work da…