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Recovering and looking ahead

When it comes to running, I'm totally my father's child, and not because he used to be a runner.

My dad is the kind of person who can't sit still, can't take a break for very long. He's always working on something in his shop, or he has a project to finish around the house (around my house, sometimes, because thankfully he's so darn handy). If there's any "free time" to be had, he usually finds something he can do, even if it's for a few minutes.

Can't find him? Look in the shop, or the basement, or the barn, or grandpa's house. Don't look on the couch because he's rarely there. Even on vacation, dad's not one to lounge around. His idea of "relaxation" is getting up at dawn for a walk before the rest of the family wakes.

Now, in general, I'm not as active as my dad. At the end of the day, I know how to kick back and enjoy my TV shows, and I've been know to take naps on the weekends. I also spend my work day behind a desk, and my fingernails aren't caked with dirt when I leave the office.

But when it comes to running, I think my inner Herman is coming through. 

I've tried, in the two weeks since the Glass City half, to relax and recover from my training and the race. But dammit, I just wanted to get out there and run. A series of events and scheduling conflicts sort of forced me to take it easy. (Minus the stroller run I took for the first time in MONTHS, though I was still happy to get out with Kenlee.)

Now, I think I'm ready to look ahead.

I've been looking at race schedules, trying to decide which challenges I want to endure in the near future. Unfortunately, I kind of want to do ALL OF THEM because I just can't resist a good reason to push myself. I also tossed around the idea of running a FULL marathon (I know, I know!), but I've decided that's going to stay on the bucket list for now.

The few times I have gotten out for a run recently, the miles have been easy and freeing. It's nice to just run without a purpose or direction. I don't want to set up a new "training plan" at the moment because I think my family deserves more of my time and flexibility.

I may change my mind when it's all said and done, but I'm only committing to one more half marathon this year. It's likely going to be the Grand Rapids half in October, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet for registration. My siblings, Kyle and I also already registered for another Warrior Dash in September (we took advantage of a flash sale around the holidays), and I know that will be just as brutal as another half (in the form of bruises and scrapes instead of leg cramps and blisters ... Ok, maybe there will still be leg cramps and blisters too, but the whole thing is a different kind of pain).

Other than that ... It's going to local 5K's and 10K's, including Edon's RBS Memorial run next weekend. I'm totally fine with the plan in theory, but when I look at the calendar and see two whole months without concrete training plans, I start to feel antsy like my father. I think, "What will I do with my time? How will I stay motivated?"

Then I look outside at the sunshine and spring flowers, and I instantly long for my running shoes. If I pushed myself through the winter, certainly I can push myself to run through this.

P.S. If you're a new reader thanks to my feature on Another Mother Runner last week, welcome! I was so honored to share my story, and I hope you'll stick around for more.


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