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What we're eating: Garlic parmesan chicken

Despite dramatics of reality TV, I'm a big fan of "Extreme Weight Loss" with Chris and Heidi Powell. They seem to spend a lot of time helping people with the emotional and mental side of weight loss, rather than just giving them a diet and exercise plan.

Anyway, this recipe is one I found on Heidi's blog:

This is seriously soooo good, and it's easy to make. The meal is a big hit with Kyle and Kenlee, too! I serve ours with garlic noodles (add a little bit of light Country Crock and garlic salt to plain spaghetti noodles). Here's the breakdown:

Garlic Parmesan Chicken: 8 points for a whole breast (Heidi's recipe calls for a 4 oz serving, which is about half a breast)

Garlic noodles: 6 points for 1 cup

Broccoli: ZERO points!

TOTAL: 14 points

Recent runs, in a nutshell (with bonus selfies!)

So without a race in the near future, I've sort of been in limbo with my running. I'm not following a training plan, so I'm basically running to stay fit and feel good. I do what feels right, and so far, that's been working for me. Here's my recent runs, in a nutshell: 
• I still prefer to run in the mornings, so I get out pretty much every morning that Kyle isn’t working. (I’m guessing CPS would look down on me if I left a toddler alone in the house.) Yes, this means I still get up at4 a.m.a few days a week … even though I don’t have to. I’m crazy, I know. Because I’m getting my butt up before the sun, I try to get the most out of my time, logging 5-6 miles.

• With the power of the Internet, I managed to find a new BRF (that’s Best Running Friend for those of you who don’t speak Mother Runner). Kim and I have so much in common it’s awesome (and borderline creepy LOL). We’re both alums of the same college, have the same degree, took similar career paths and our tod…

Planning for success

Everyone has their own "system" when it comes to healthy meal planning, grocery shopping and food preparation. Some people are extreme and have it down to a science, with every meal cooked and ready to go before their week begins. Others have no plans and simply throw together a pile of healthy foods, making up meals and recipes as they go.

Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle. I like to think I plan enough to avoid temptation and save time, yet I remain flexible enough to change my mind whenever I see fit. I'll share my "system" but there might be something better for you and your family. Try some new routines and see what works! The key is to find something that you can sustain for the long haul. Because again, healthy living is about creating a lifestyle. And, in my opinion, your food plans are the base of your success.

1. Meal planning. Each week, Kyle and I look at our schedules and decide how many dinners we'll be eating at home and how many nee…

What we're eating: Better (for you) burgers

Let's be real. There's nothing like a burger. A real, beefy, smothered-in-cheese burger. With fries, of course.

That said, one delicious, restaurant-style meal can wipe out all of my weekly and activity points in one fell swoop. While I don't mind indulging in some cooked cow occasionally, I've accepted that beef burgers aren't the healthiest choice on a regular basis.

In order to fully enjoy grill season but maintain our healthy lifestyle, we've found a few alternatives we enjoy:

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers: 4 points each. Kyle will tell you these aren't the same as beef (duh!) but they are still really tasty. We recently tried the seasoned patties in the frozen section (instead of the fresh ones in the meat case), and loved them! BONUS: If you can find the turkey brats, they are to die for! Unfortunately, the store I normally shop at doesn't carry them anymore. Gardein Veggie Burgers: 3 points each. I've tried several other veggie burger brands in the …

Summer 2014: The return of shorts

So, I've always been ashamed/embarrassed of legs/thighs/butt. My mom told me from a young age that I inherited my great-grandma's rear end. And she has family photos to prove it. Thank you, genetics.

In high school, I became very self-conscious whenever I had to wear shorts. It was especially unfortunate for me as an athlete, as I recall needing special-order uniform bottoms several times to accommodate my rear. One year, I think I had to wear grey softball pants when everyone else had white because they didn't have my size to match. It was only for a game or two, until they ordered new ones. But still.

The other girls on my teams could skip around in booty-baring spandex while I struggled with chaffing and what I call "scrunchy crotch syndrome" (not just when running/moving, but all the damn time).

I basically quit wearing shorts in college, with the exception of pajamas. Capri pants became a summer staple, and my legs didn't see the sun (or any exercise) fo…