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What we're eating: Better (for you) burgers

Let's be real. There's nothing like a burger. A real, beefy, smothered-in-cheese burger. With fries, of course.

That said, one delicious, restaurant-style meal can wipe out all of my weekly and activity points in one fell swoop. While I don't mind indulging in some cooked cow occasionally, I've accepted that beef burgers aren't the healthiest choice on a regular basis.

In order to fully enjoy grill season but maintain our healthy lifestyle, we've found a few alternatives we enjoy:

  • Jennie-O Turkey Burgers: 4 points each. Kyle will tell you these aren't the same as beef (duh!) but they are still really tasty. We recently tried the seasoned patties in the frozen section (instead of the fresh ones in the meat case), and loved them! BONUS: If you can find the turkey brats, they are to die for! Unfortunately, the store I normally shop at doesn't carry them anymore. 
  • Gardein Veggie Burgers: 3 points each. I've tried several other veggie burger brands in the past and wasn't impressed. But a coworker told me about these burgers, and they are waaaay better than any I've tasted! The only downside is their price, so I'll have to wait until they are BOGO to restock. 
Pictured: Gardein burger wrapped in lettuce, Bush's veggie beans, Suddenly Salad and hungry toddler. 
  • No bun (for smaller buns): Zero points! It wasn't until recently that I made the switch to bunless burgers. Truthfully, it's kind of a pain to carefully peel and arrange lettuce in a good wrap so my toppings don't slop on the table. BUT I'm getting better at it, and I don't miss bread because it didn't really add flavor to my burger anyway. 
  • Bush's Fat Free Vegetarian Baked Beans: 3 points for 1/2 cup. YUM! I heard about these beans at a Weight Watchers meeting when I first started, and I don't think I've bought regular beans since. I've even served them at cookouts and no one seems to notice a difference. The real difference is points - regular baked beans are 5 points per serving. 
  • Suddenly Salad: 5 points for 3/4 cup. This isn't the healthiest of all the options I've discovered, but I love a good pasta salad. We make ours with light Miracle Whip instead of mayo, and I've been known to add fresh tomatoes or extra onion during garden season. 
  • Alexia Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Fries: 4 points for 1 cup. We've searched high and low for the perfect sweet potato fries ... and these are it! My toddler gobbles them up, and they taste great dipped in ketchup or our homemade ranch dressing
  • Sweet corn: 2 points per cob. Sweet corn is a delicious treat that I sometimes forget when I'm planning summer side dishes. We normally boil ours, but it's also great on the grill or baked in the husks. Don't forget to add points for any butter or margarine. 


  1. Yum! I need to look for those beans!

    I definitely go the bunless route (and not just because of the wheat) because what I want is the meat and cheese - not a chunk of bread. I'd be in heaven if McD had a Big Mac salad.

    I think it helps to cut back on the condiments, too, though it's hard to part with my beloved mayo.


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