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Recap: Montpelier Firefighters Association Bean Days 5k

Reasons the Montpelier Firefighters Association Bean Days 5K was awesome:
We raced as a family – I pushed Kenlee in the stroller while Kyle ran solo
We both set PRs – My first-ever stroller race came in at 25:48 (non-stroller PR is 25:30), and Kyle blew away his goal of "just finishing" with a 30:57! The great weather and flat course were very helpful. It was super affordable – $12 per person for pre-registration; $15 for day-of registrationIt was well organized – Packets with nice bibs and chip timers were ready for us that morningThe snacks were amazing – Cookies and "Jump Start" bars from Cookies on Demand, plus bananas, water, Gatorade and some other goodies. (But seriously, the COOKIES ARE THE BEST!)The volunteers were encouraging – Kyle and I both noticed how the people on the course were friendly and cheered us on as we went by (OK, maybe it's because we knew a few of them ... perks of being in a small town!)The post-race activities (Bean Days/Balloon Fes…

What we're eating: Tami's lunch salad

OK, I can’t leave that last post up for long. I need some more positivity in my life this week. Hey, here’s a positive: My FAVORITE lunch salad!
I make this salad at least twice a week, if not more. It’s delicious, low in points and high in nutritional value – compared to other options, at least. I usually chase it with some yummy nonfat Greek yogurt (Dannon brand is my current fav).
Tami’s lunch salad: Just 8 points total!
Lots of zero-point foods:  Spinach/baby green mix – pile this stuff on! Don’t be stingy with your greens!Fresh mushroomsThin-sliced onionsGrape tomatoesMild yellow peppers 
Lots of low-point foods:  1 oz. Fat-free feta cheese: 1 point1 hardboiled egg: 2 points2 oz. sliced deli turkey (I buy the low-sodium option from the Meijer deli): 1 point¼ fat-free croutons: 1 point¼ cup light balsamic vinaigrette dressing: 3 points Random pointers: When I'm packing my lunch, I put everything in the container EXCEPT the croutons and dressing. The croutons go in a sandwich baggi…

Fighting a good fight

A blog from a classmate stopped me in my tracks today. Jamie is a wonderful, wise woman, and her words leapt off the screen and into my heart. She's 100 percent right. She is beautiful. You are beautiful. We are all beautiful. 

For many of us, saying that out loud is not easy. I know it's not easy for me. I likely risk getting hit with tomatoes for saying this, but I want to be honest: I don't love my body. 
I definitely don't love my sagging rear, my flat chest or my flapping upper arms. I hate how my face looks older because the skin has loosened and falls into wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. And obviously, I've expressed my disgust with my legs.
There are definitely days I wish I could have my old body back. I miss the big boobs, full cheeks and sexy hips. Back then, I really did have the confidence to say I was beautiful. I knew it was true, and I had the plus-size swagger to prove it. 
Today, I only WISH I could confidently say what Jamie said. I WISH I lov…

Boogity, boogity, boogity!

In the words of Darrell Waltrip ... Let's go racin'!

While it nice to take a "break" from training for anything specific, I think I've had enough down time. I believe it was it one of the Another Mother Runner books that said something along the lines of "Training without a race is a cake without frosting." So yeah, I'm hungry for more. I know it's still summer, but it's time to get ready for fall racing season.

Once again, I'm sort of winging it when it comes to an actual training plan. While there are hundreds of free plans I could follow, none of them will really accommodate several different races within a few months' time. I suppose I could pay a running coach to map out one for me, but I'm too cheap frugal for something like that. So I'll just take a good, old-fashioned calendar and my own intuition and see where that gets me for now.

Races currently on my radar:

July 19 - Montpelier Firefighters Association Bean Days 5k