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Boogity, boogity, boogity!

In the words of Darrell Waltrip ... Let's go racin'!

While it nice to take a "break" from training for anything specific, I think I've had enough down time. I believe it was it one of the Another Mother Runner books that said something along the lines of "Training without a race is a cake without frosting." So yeah, I'm hungry for more. I know it's still summer, but it's time to get ready for fall racing season.

Once again, I'm sort of winging it when it comes to an actual training plan. While there are hundreds of free plans I could follow, none of them will really accommodate several different races within a few months' time. I suppose I could pay a running coach to map out one for me, but I'm too cheap frugal for something like that. So I'll just take a good, old-fashioned calendar and my own intuition and see where that gets me for now.

Races currently on my radar:

  • July 19 - Montpelier Firefighters Association Bean Days 5k: I'm so excited to run this race as a family. Kyle and I are both registered to run, and I've decided Kenlee will come along with me to see what kind of stroller PR we can set. Afterward, we'll hit up the pancake breakfast and maybe the hot air balloon festival at the fairgrounds. Fun! 
  • Aug. 30 - Parlor City Trot Half Marathon: Blame this one on Kim. She mentioned that she'll be using this race as a training run prior to her goal race in September. After realizing my calendar was clear and registration is only $25, I decided I definitely wanted to join her. BONUS: It appears we run along a river, and I'm a sucker for water scenery. 
  • Sept. 6 - Mini FIT Triathlon: Another family race! Kyle and I have been wanting to try a tri for a while now, but we've been too chicken since neither of us are good swimmers. However, this mini version only requires a 100-yard dip in the pool, so it's a perfect race for beginners. Plus, they are offering free childcare ... No need to get a sitter. BOOM!
  • Sept. 20 - Warrior Dash: Watch out, world ... Team Choda will be back! Kyle, Jan, Scott and I will be taking on our second mud run together. We're hoping this one won't be as painful as last year's, which was located on a ski resort (OMG I still have nightmares about those damn hills). Since Jan moved to Grand Rapids last week, we had the opportunity to run together at Millennium Park and preview the course ... It's got a few hills but nothing like we conquered before. If you didn't see my pictures of this incredible park, check out my Facebook page
  • Oct. 19 - Grand Rapids Half Marathon: This is my chocolate buttercream frosting, my sweet dessert to top off the year. I'm incredibly stoked to run in downtown Grand Rapids (and a bit out in Millennium Park) on what I hope will be a beautiful autumn day in Pure Michigan. I don't have any goals (yet), but just knowing this delicious race is waiting for me is motivation enough to train hard through the end of the summer. (NOTE: I also persuaded Kyle to register for the 10k the day before this race, and I am SO PROUD of him already! This will be his longest race to date, and I know he'll do great. Kenlee and I will be cheering him on. Go, daddy, go!)

That's it ... for now. I realize there's a big hole in late July/early August, but I haven't come across anything that fits in my schedule or really intrigues me at the moment. If you have any recommendations for local events during that time ... or any suggestions for late fall/early winter, let me know! I'm always looking for new races.


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