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Grand Rapids: Selfies, swearing, goats, chili ... and promises

Do you know what happens when you forget about nerves, time goals, mile splits and intensity? You remember to have FUN. Races can be awesomely fun, but I think I somehow forgot about that in recent months. After the unnecessary self-loathing and disappointment that followed Fort4Fitness, I made it a point to change my attitude and strategy for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon. My only goal for the day was to have FUN ... So I did.

Oh yeah, I also pushed Jan to an unplanned PR. That was the cherry on top of an already amazing race :)

Anyway, here are my keys to having fun at a race:

1. Run with a buddy. As planned, I ran with my sister, Jan. She agreed we would be "those people." You know, the ones you either want to run with ... or run away from. Ha! Luckily, we passed the serious pack of racers mid-course and found a couple of like-minded women who joined in our self-entertainment from about miles 8-12. There was plenty of laughter (and maybe a little bit of swearing).

2. Pick a…

What We're Eating: Snacks for Weight Watchers

It took me a long time to realize the importance of snacks in my weight loss. For many years, I just starved myself between meals in an effort to lower my calorie intake. "I don't need a snack," I told myself. "I'll save the extra points for dinner."

Well, that didn't last. I was hungry, cranky and not really losing weight.

Eventually, I started to understand how snacks are a vital part of my daily nutrition plan. In addition to packing my lunch every day for work, I pack TWO snacks: one for the morning (usually eaten around 10 a.m.) and one for the afternoon (usually eaten around 3 p.m.). Every snack includes some sort of protein, such as yogurt, string cheese, hummus or something else. Why? Because protein takes longer to digest, so you stay satisfied longer. Don't believe me? Start adding a hardboiled egg to your afternoon apple - you'll notice a difference!

I also leave room in my tracker for an after-dinner snack most evenings: usually a gl…

The many, many emotions of a race

This is half race report, half cathartic rambling about the Fort4Fitness half-marathon. My goal was to come in under 2 hours, and my official time was 2 hours ... and 6 seconds. I apologize in advance for the length ... and the whining. 
Excited: You’ve been training for weeks, and you’re ready to finally see the results of your hard work. You have a plan, even if it’s vague, and you have some goals. Let’s do this thing!
Nervous: A few bad days make you wonder if you plans are dumb and your goals are realistic. Can I really do this? Did I set the bar too high? You consider dropping your expectations so you’re not disappointed.
Cocky: A few good days (and one awesome Warrior Dash) make you feel unstoppable. You hit a key workout and think, “This is in the bag.” 

Anxious: You just want race day to hurry up and get here already! You have nightmares about being late to the starting line, and you might compare your husband’s driving to a grandmother the next morning because you don’t want that…