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Let's go streaking!

If you go to Weight Watchers meetings, you know that from now through New Year’s, they’re focused on helping members get through the holidays. No doubt, this time of year is difficult for people trying to stay healthy and make good choices – food temptation lurks around every corner, and Mother Nature makes it hard to stay active and motivated. 

Starting my 2013 streak at the YMCA Turkey Trot - same plan this year!
At my meeting Friday, our leader asked if we had any goals for the holidays – lose weight, maintain, make a healthy meal for your family gathering, etc. I hadn’t thought about it much, but I decided I’m doing the Runner’s World Run Streak again. Last year, I didn’t take time to write a follow-up post, but I know the streak really helped me stay on track

So I’m bringing the streak back – and I’ll hope you’ll join me! Here’s why:

“It took the focus off food,” I told the other members at my meeting. I hadn’t said the words out loud before, but that’s EXACTLY why I loved the streak so much. No, I didn’t just eat anything and everything and let myself off the hook for the whole month. But I did feel a lot less guilty when I threw back some cookies, cocoa and crab dip. I didn’t really lose any weight – but I didn’t gain either! Every day, it’s like I was hitting a reset button. A quick mile (or more) in the morning would set the tone for my entire day, and it gave me incentive to make better choices – not perfect, but better. 

The Christmas before, I went in feeling like I had to stick to a serious plan in order to stay on track through the holidays. I wasn’t working out much, (OK, I wasn’t working out at all!), so nutrition was the only thing I could use to keep myself in check. And I felt deprived. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy things like everyone else. As much as I hate to admit it, the holidays just aren’t as much fun without some (not all!) of my favorite foods. 

Managed a few long runs while streaking.
With the streak, I put my focus on fitness, not food. Instead of feeling like I was being restricted or limited, I was giving myself something extra to enjoy. It was a challenge that was fun and exciting rather than controlling and miserable. And yes, I’ll admit that I felt a little badass for running in the snow and cold. Hey, at least in December all of the Christmas lights were out to enjoy! Come January and February, the outdoors isn’t nearly as enjoyable for running. But I digress. 

This year, I’m hoping to get more streakers going with me! The challenge is free, and you don’t even have to sign up or log into anything. You can, however, follow Runner’s World and the official social media hashtag #RWRunStreak for inspiration, motivation and accountability. That last part is a BIG help – my friend Chelsea and I kept each other accountable last year by messaging each other our mileage every single day! (Thanks again, Chelsea!)

Mother Nature's natural mascara!
Since I created my blog’s Facebook page, it will be easy to post some accountability for anyone who’d like to join me. If you’re up to it, I’ll post a thread every day – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day – for people to comment with their mileage or workout. I say workout because I think it’s totally acceptable to walk, run, bike, swim, elliptical, Zumba, WHATEVER YOU’D LIKE. My mother-in-law biked a mile a day last year and kept her streak alive well after the holidays! In my opinion, ANY activity is a step in the right direction, especially at this time of year. Personally, I may trade in a few of my miles for a Piyo workout so I can continue to work on my strength goals. 

So, do you want to get a head start on that New Year’s resolution? Do you want feel proud of yourself after the holidays – instead of disappointed? Are you up for a fun challenge? 

All right, let’s go streaking! Make a plan now for logging your daily activity, and make sure you like and follow the Tales of Tami Facebook page. I’ll start posting on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s to a healthy, happy holidays!


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