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Tales of training: I'm back in the game

I stopped doing my weekly training updates after I finished my first half-marathon, but I'm back in the game. Not only am I actually training with a legit training plan, but I'm also on a kick with tracking everything lately (more on that later in the week). 

So even though I'm already on week 4 of the TLAM Half-Marathon Own It plan, I'm going to start back with (hopefully) weekly updates. I'm thinking they will keep me motivated on track, and I'm hoping they will help me keep some regular content on the blog (which isn't always easy). 

Without further ado, here's a look at my week of training: 

Monday: 5 miles, including 4x4 min. intervals
Mother Nature was a fickle beast this week, so I decided to get my hardest workout out of the way before the weather would forbid it. Even though my legs were sore, I'm still happy with this decision. 

Tuesday: 3 miles 
I was supposed to tack on some sprints at the end, but I was running on too little sleep.Plus, I had Rowdy with me and didn't know if he could keep up at a fast pace. Good enough, I decided. 

Wednesday: 5 miles, mid-3 at tempo
I'm still trying to figure out what tempo pace really is for me, but I felt like this was a good effort. By the end of the fourth mile, I was definitely ready for that cool-down mile, so I think that's a good sign. 

Thursday: PiYo Core
The training plan called for a rest day, but I surprisingly missed my yoga mat. I chose the core workout because I knew it would be easier on my legs and lungs. 

Friday: 3 miles
Brrr! I used to think my cutoff for running outside was when the weather dropped below zero ... But maybe I need to re-think running when it's only 3 degrees outside. Oh well - got it done! 

Say, "Snot-cicles!" (From my Instagram)
Saturday: 10 miles
I was religiously monitoring the hourly forecast Friday, and I knew that I needed to be up and running with the sun to avoid 20-mph winds. I set out the door just before 8 a.m. and decided to do some laps around town to avoid gusts in the country. The first 5 miles weren't so bad ... but by mile 8 the winds had picked up and I was questioning my sanity. Anyone local can attest to the sudden shift in the weather - it was worse than anyone expected. By lunch time, we were under a Level 3 snow emergency, which means only necessary personnel should be driving on the road. Crazy! Today, the road conditions are fine, but the temps dropped as low as -17 with the wind chill. Suddenly, my 3-degree run doesn't seem so bad ...

Looking ahead: Next week's mid-week runs don't look bad on paper, but the weather forecast is too turbulent to make any judgement calls on scheduling. And I'm definitely a little intimidated by my prescribed long run: 13 miles with a strong finish ... I'm hoping I just finish without my snot freezing to my face again. 


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