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Tales of Training: The Bad Becomes Good

This week, a crappy workout Thursday was quickly forgotten after a wonderful long run Sunday. The corn on my right foot has returned, but it's not nearly as bad as it was last fall. Honestly, I'm too cheap and stubborn to buy new shoes this close a race again (this happened before Toledo AND Fort4Fitness last year!). I think I just need to take better care of my toes and wear good, comfortable shoes at work (rather than squeezing them into cheap pumps).

So aside from feeling like a rockstar Sunday, I had some other interesting events on my long run:

As a country runner, I have joked about having corn fields nearby in case nature called ... but I've never actually taken a potty break mid-run. Well, I apparently had too much coffee before I left because my bladder was really full and uncomfortable by mile 8. After a car passed, I ducked into some tall grass off the road and did my business. I'm happy to report I felt much better and did NOT get my tights wet in the proces…

Freezer Meal Recipe: Pineapple, Bacon, BBQ Chicken

Trust me, this recipe is every bit as good as you think it is. Juicy, flavorful, satisfying - I mean, can you really go wrong when you're wrapping anything in bacon? That's a rhetorical question, I know.

Kyle was absolutely drooling over this dish - we served ours with leftover mashed potatoes (not from the microwave this time - we make REAL potatoes with the skins on!) and some steamed green beans (OK, these were from microwave). Kenlee didn't have much interest, but I suspect it's because she's been congested lately. Normally, she's a bacon FIEND.

And the points on this aren't half bad! When I was calculating with the Recipe Builder on Weight Watchers' website, I thought for sure I could substitute turkey bacon to cut a few points off. Well, the difference was only ONE point per serving! Kyle will be pleased to know I'll let him keep the "real" stuff this time.

Pineapple, Bacon, BBQ Chicken (14 points/serving)


4 large boneless,…

Tales of Training: Out for a Spin

OK, I can’t be the only one who felt nearly naked out there this week. After months of piling on the layers, it felt incredibly weird to go out for a run with only one top and one pair of tights. But I’m NOT complaining! Temps in our area hit the 40s and 50s during the day, so my morning runs hovered around the freezing mark (low 30s). This only created one problem: The snow would melt during the day and leave patches of ice on the streets/sidewalks in the morning. (I run around 5 a.m. – well before the sun is up!) 
But Saturday? Oh, Saturday! I ran in the afternoon sunshine, and it was 50-freaking-wonderful degrees! I may have been soooo happy that I ran a half-marathon PR. (Sorry, not sorry!) I'd say this training through the winter stuff may be paying off. 
Monday: 3 miles, easy Rowdy and I managed to find enough dry spots to get this run done, but I skipped the sprints that I was supposed to tack onto the end of the workout. That’s not the first time I’ve opted out of those … …

Freezer Meal Recipe: Jamerican Meatloaf

So after I brought home EIGHT freezer meals from going to the coolest thing I've ever done as a blogger, I decided my husband and daughter would get to pick one meal per week to try. First up was Jamerican Meatloaf - yummy!

This was definitely a great twist on a classic American dish. Kyle and I were blown away by all of the flavor in this meatloaf. It may be a little too spicy if you don't like heat (or if you're in the preschool crowd), but for the adults in our house, it was PERFECT.

We paired ours with a rice pilaf (the microwave kind from a packet ... because that's how we roll) and some steamed green beans (also nuked in a bag). The recipe feeds four to six, and I sliced the ours up into six servings. While the slices looked small, they were deceiving - when I mashed them up, I realized they were plenty big!

I calculated 11 points for a 1/6 slice of the meatloaf. That's not too shabby! With our sides, the meal came out to 17 points. That's a little high f…

Freezer Meals from my Farm Friends

UPDATE: Links to all eight of the recipes! 
Jamerican MeatloafPineapple, Bacon, BBQ ChickenHoney Ginger ChickenApple Balsamic Pork ChopsSimple Italian BurritosBalsamic Roast with Roasted Carrots Curried Pork Loin with Sweet PlantainsCilantro Lime Chicken I don't know where to start with this story, but I'd like to just get to the point: Last weekend, I got invited to one of the coolest parties ever ... a freezer meal party sponsored by the Ohio Farm Bureau, as well as the Ohio Pork Council and Ohio Beef Council! Basically, last Sunday I went to a lovely little farm house about an hour away to prepare freezer meals with several lovely bloggers, farmers and friends. The Farm Bureau gave us ALL of the ingredients and supplies, and I went home with EIGHT healthy meals for my family. BONUS: All of the meat came from Pettisville Meats, a local butcher/processor. How awesome, right?!
When my friend Taysha first messaged me about the opportunity, I thought I was dreaming. First of all, …

Tales of Training: Warming Up

After all my whining about winter running, it appears we're finally getting a bit of a reprieve! (Because you know, Mother Nature heard me complain and decided to grant me that personal favor ... it's not like anyone else had to deal with the cold, right?) We still had a few cold days last week, but I was rewarded with temps in the 30s (squee!) and sunshine for my long run on the weekend. Coming up this week, we're looking at 50+ degrees! ::Throws confetti and melting snowballs::
In terms of training, I believe last week is what coaches would call a cutback week. I obviously wasn't slacking by any means, but my mileage and intensity was toned back a bit to let my body recover and prepare for the next challenge. 

Monday: 3 miles, easy
Honestly, I was so tired I don’t remember anything about this run … Is that sad? I know it was still cold though …
Tuesday: Piyo Sweat Felt great to get a decent strength/cross training workout under my belt again. I went for Sweat because …

Tales of Training - Roller Coaster Week

This week was up and down ... with the weather and my training. But sub-zero temps and fender-benders be damned! Because in the end, I logged all the miles I was supposed to. So, take THAT!

Sunday: Rest
In addition to grocery shopping with Kenlee, I managed to squeeze in some time with the foam roller. Can I count that as active recovery?

Monday: 3 miles + 8 strides
Heading into the week, I knew it was gonna be cold. Like, really cold. Monday morning, my weather app said it was 5 degrees outside ... and I sorta tried to ignore the part where it said negative 11 with the wind chill ... Since I only had 3ish miles to run, I decided to tough it out and put on nearly every layer I owned. This picture (taken after I had warmed up a bit on the back porch) says it all:

Tuesday: 6 miles, negative splits
After Monday's cruel lesson from Mother Nature, on Tuesday I decided to hit up the treadmill before work. The plan called for me to run 2-mile negative splits i.e., run faster every 2 miles, …